Sunday, August 23, 2009

10 Prospects You Might Not Have Heard Of...

So a few days ago I was going Tweet crazy and drop 10 names of prospects who are having fantastic seasons this year and I thought it was a good time to throw some names out. You may have seen some of these players on lists elsewhere already, you might soon start to see these names on lists, or you may never see these names again. These are just 10 players I picked out from various leagues from High A ball through AAA. I tried to look at age and all players are 25 or younger. Here's what I came up with. If you've heard or seen these guys play, please feel free to drop in something extra in the comment section...

These players are in no particular order! If your asking me, Alex Liddi, Carlos Santana, and Michael Taylor might have the most upside of this group at this point. Allen Craig is intriguing as well.

10. Kyle Russell, RF, LAD - Age 23, 6'5", 195 - In Low A batting .269, 24HR, 82RBI, 11SB. Could be on your radar in a year or two.

9. Eric Young, OF, COL - Age 24, he's a burner in AAA batting .302 with 55SB and 6 HR.

8. Allen Craig, 1B, STL - Age 25, 6'2", 210 - In AAA .306/21/62. AA in '08 batted .304/22/85. Low K's, solid BB's blocked by Pujols.

7. Chris Carter, 1B, OAK - Age 23, 6'4" 225 - In AA batting .329, 22HR, 94RBI, 12SB and not too much blockage in the bigs! Maybe Sept?

6. Carlos Santana, C, CLE - Age 23, 5'11" - In AA batting .290, 20HR, 84RBI as a catcher. W/ VMart gone, he could be on fast track!

5. Michael Taylor, OF, PHI - Age 23, 6'6", 250LBS - In AA batted .333/15HR/18SB/.408OBP in 318AB. In AAA,.282/5HR/3SB/.359OBP in 110AB.

4. Tim Collins, RP, TOR - Age 20, 5'7", 155lbs - High A, 2.40ERA, 98K, 26BB in 63IP, 14 saves in 2008. Small frame, quality stuff.

3. Jonathan Gaston, LF, HOU - Age 22, 6'0", 210lbs., 7th rd pick 2008 - High A batting .286, 30HR, 83RBI, 13SB. Put him on the radar.

2. Joe Dunigan, DH, SEA - Age 23, 6'1", 215, Lefty bat - High A - Batting .296, 26HR, 88RBI, 17SB. The DH thing probably doesn't help.

1. Alex Liddi, 3B, SEA - High A - Age 21, 6'4", 176lbs. - Batting .352, 23HR, 90RBI, 10SB - Put him on the radar!

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