Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2009 NL Big Disappointments

Keep in mind the following guys listed are players whose numbers are 
way down due to poor seasons and not injuries.

R.Ankiel - 8HR-30RBI-36R-2SB-.237 Avg
Wasn;t this suppose to be his breakout year heading into free agency?

G.Atkins - 6HR-31RBI-27R-0SB-.225 Avg
Talk about the bottom falling out

M.Bradley - 8HR-26RBI-40R-1SB-.248 Avg
What happened to this guy? He hit .321 last year

R.Furcal - 5HR-31RBI-57R-6SB-.266 Avg
He has been healthy for the whole year but only has 6 steals in 10 

C.Hamels - 7W, 4.68ERA, 1.32 Ratio, 107K
Wasn't he suppose to be an ace this year?

R.Harden - 7W, 4.50 ERA, 1.35 Ratio, 115K
Has mostly been healthy but the dominance has not been there

JJ Hardy - 11HR-45RBI-45R-0SB-.230 Avg
Last 2 years has been a reliable 25HR-75RBI-.280 Avg SS

C.Iannetta - 12HR-40RBI-32R-0SB-.230 Avg
Many thought he would take the next step

K.Johnson - 6HR-22RBI-36R-5SB-.219 Avg
I spent $23 draft dollars on him

R.Martin - 3HR-31RBI-43R-8SB-.263Avg
I spent $27 draft dollars on Old Reliable or what I thought was Old 

M.Pelfrey - 8W, 4.94ERA, 1.53 Ratio, 58K
Many people thought he would emerge into a #2 starter this year

G.Soto - 8HR-27RBI-19R-1SB-.230 Avg
Everyone thought he would become the next stud NL catcher

C.Young - 6HR-26RBI-34R-11SB-.195 Avg
Many thought he would go 30-30 this year

NL King - C.Lizza

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