Thursday, September 10, 2009 is here! Join my Fight Club for a chance at $1,000,000!!!

Can you say Kim Kardashian??!!! How about Bow Wow, The Game, or Gilbert Arenas?? How about $10,000??!!! Have you ever played a fantasy games with those stars as prizes?

I already know what you guys are going to say..... "Mikey, what fantasy game are you trying to sell us this time?"

C'mon guys, its not that bad! Have I ever touted a bad fantasy game? I think not. Besides, if I'm into a new fantasy game, then it must be good! brings you a new type of fantasy game, Fantasy World Survivor Football 2009. No, it's not your typical survivor pool where you pick a winning team each week and move on until you lose. Nope, it's more fun than that but just as easy! When you sign up, be sure to join the "Team Fantasy Man" Fight Club league.

Actually, at, you pick a roster of fantasy football players, one per position, and if they meet the scoring standards each week, you keep that position slot all the way. If you make it to the end with ALL your positions perfectly still intact, you win $1,000,000!!!! Simple as that! On top of that, you get three "flags". If in a week you lose a position, you can use one of your flags to get it back to stay in the mix for all the other prizes!!!

Looking below, who can't predict when a QB will throw for 200 yards and a TD?? Sounds pretty easy to me, but we'll see! Can you do it?? Here is how the scoring by position breaks down...

In order to survive your players must meet the following thresholds:
QBs: At least 200 passing yds AND 1 Touchdown
RBs: At least 70 rush/rec yds AND 1 Touchdown
WRs: At least 60 rush/rec yds AND 1 Touchdown
TEs: At least 50 rush/rec yds OR 1 Touchdown
Offense: At least 24 points scored
Defense: 19 or fewer points allowed

If a player fails to meet this threshold the team loses that roster slot for the remainder of the season, that's where the Challenge Flags come in. Note: Points scored and allowed by a team count regardless of which unit is responsible (e.g. If the Colts defense scores 6 points on an interception return, those points count for the Colts offense). You cannot use a flag though to win the million, but you could use the flags for all other prizes. To win the million, you muct be perfect each week!

For tips on how to play or a video about the game, click here.

Now, of course, what would a great new fantasy game be without a bunch of prizes?
How about a shopping spree and a day with Kim Kardashian?!!
How about a day and a basketball game with Gilbert Arenas or Bow Wow or The Game?

How about a big screen TV, a PS3, or a Nintendo Wii?

There's great prizes, many chances to win and you don't have to spend every waking moment looking at your team. It takes 2 minutes to set your lineup each week and that's it! Its only $25 to get your team. Make sure when you sign up you click on "Fight Club" and join the "Team Fantasy Man" Fight Club to be in my league!

Hope to see you guys there! Good luck!

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