Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fantasy Man's 2010 Fantasy Baseball First Basemen 1B Rankings

1. Albert Pujols, STL: Pujols should still be a top 1 or 2 pick but with his recent elbow surgery to remove 5 bone spurs, don't be surprised if Pujols falls a few spots in drafts. He's a steal if he drops to 4th or 5th! He'll be ready by spring training! I'll still pick him #1 but I don't know if he'll top 2009 in 2010. It'll be close.
2009: .328/47HR/135RBI/124R/16SB/.443OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .330BA/38HR/125RBI/110R/8SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 5
Auction Value: $45-$50

2. Miguel Cabrera, DET: Cabrera turns 27 in April! What else do I need to say? He's just about to enter his prime! My 2010 MVP candidate!
2009: .320/35HR/120RBI/100R/5SB/.400OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .330BA/38HR/125RBI/110R/8SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 5
Auction Value: $45

3. Prince Fielder, MIL: Fielder have almost identical stats but Fielder comes out on top because he'll get you a slightly higher BA and OBP as Fielder will draw more walks and less K's. Plus, he's a better play in H2H leagues that count BB and K. Fielder is in a decent lineup, solid growth the last few years and is still quite young. He's a no brainer as my power foundation. However, what's his ceiling?
2009: .300/46HR/141RBI/103R/2SB/.412OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .300+BA/40HR/120RBI/100R/3SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 10
Auction Value: $40

4. Ryan Howard, PHI: Not a huge difference here from Fielder with the exception of BA and OBP in Roto leagues. The difference comes in H2H leagues that count BB and K's. Howard turns 30 in November so he's in the midst of his prime years. I don't think anyone senses any regression of power coming after watching him in the post season. I'm expecting about the same as the last two years. Better 2nd half player too!
2009: .280/45HR/141RBI/105R/8SB/.360OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .280+BA/45HR/130RBI/100R/5SB/.360+OBP
Draft Value: Top 10
Auction Value: $40

5. Mark Teixeira, NYY: First year as a Yankee with a big contract and he delivered! The one knock I have on Tex, and I love Tex because he's a Yankee but you have to be getting sick of the slumps year in and year out. He's a great fantasy pick in the late first round for sure, but for me, I just can't take the half year slumps and he went through a couple of them this year. I'll take Tex late first round if he falls to me but I personally would grab Fielder or Howard first because I hate watching the slumps! I like the added power from those guys anyway. Otherwise, he's a fantastic fantasy choice right in the middle of his prime and 2010 smells like an MVP year hitting in front of A-Rod again!!
2009: .292/39HR/122BI/103R/2SB/.383OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .300BA/40HR/130RBI/100R/2SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Late first round but could easily be top 10
Auction Value: $40

6. Adrian Gonzalez

7. Justin Morneau
8. Mark Reynolds
9. Victor Martinez

10. Kevin Youkilis
11. Pablo Sandoval
12. Lance Berkman
13. Kendry Morales
14. Derek Lee

15. Adam Dunn

16. Joey Votto
17. Billy Butler

18. Carlos Pena
19. Mike Cuddyer

20. James Loney
21. Chris Davis
22. Carlos Delgado
23. Paul Konerko
24. Jorge Cantu
25. Garrett Jones
26. Nick Johnson
27. Russell Branyan
28. Todd Helton
29. Adam LaRoche
30. Martin Prado
31. Chris Carter
32. Hank Blalock
33. Aubrey Huff
34. Garrett Atkins
35. Casey Kotchman
36. Ryan Garko
37. Daniel Murphy

38. Lyle Overbay
39. Andy Marte
40. Jason Giambi

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