Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The NL King - "I Feel Your Pain"

Guys, I just want you to know for those of you who came up short or 
had a disappointing roto season, I feel your pain. Again, I am in a NL 
only, 12 team, 5 X 5 keeper league. I was in 2nd place at the end of 
May and just 5.5 points out of 1st. I then added in mid June via 
trades in rebuilding deals Chad Billingsley & Hanley Ramirez (gave up 
Hunter Pence in this deal) and then added Nate McLouth in mid July on 
a rebuilding deal. When the smoke cleared I finished in 6th pace 5.5 
points out of the money. After winning my league last year I knew it 
was not going to be easy to challenge for the title again. However 
come late May I was in great position and was able to make a couple of 
great trades to challenge for the title for this season, or so I thought.

What killed me was I had to many players whose numbers were way off 
where they should have been. Just in the trades I mentioned above, I 
got Billingsley's last 20 starts in which he had a 5.03 ERA and just 5 
wins. McLouth was injured and did not perform well overall and on top of that I 
had huge disappointing seasons from my drafted players in Russell 
Martin (spent $27 on him on draft day), Kelly Johnson (spent $23 on 
him on draft day), Edwin EnCarncion (spent $19 on him on draft day) & 
Matt Capps (spent $24 on him on draft day). This was just to much to 
overcome. In fantasy baseball you need to be good but you also need to 
have the stars align. I feel your pain guys but there is always next 
year! Already looking forward to  trade talks in my league for the off-

NL King - C.Lizza

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