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NL King's Big Name NL Underachievers of 2009

Well, the off-season is under way for fantasy baseball and in real life, MLB it seems, the teams are making moves that are fast and furious. Today's article focuses on NL players who will be in the NL next year who had big disappointing years and what can we expect in 2010 from them.

The Hitters:
Garret Atkins - Was always a solid bat until 2009. He started the year in a slump and could never get out of it (9HR, 48RBI & .226 AVG). Plus, Ian Stewart was on the team to take away AB's while he slumped. Colorado will probably non-tender Atkins making him a free agent in real life.

Stephen Drew - A lot of people thought Drew was going to take the next step, however, he took a step backwards in 2009. Keep in mind his first 2 months were awful so his final line of 12HR, 65RBI, 71R, 5SB & .261 AVG isn't as bad as it looks.

Corey Hart - Granted he missed some time in 2009 with just 419 AB's, but Hart's numbers went way down (only 12HR & 11SB). Keep in mind Hart is a guy who swings at everything and those kind of players are susceptile to having disappointing years.

Kelly Johnson - Like Russell Martin, his strengths were pre 2009 when Johnson was decent accross the board. After 2009 (hit just .227), the Braves may non-tender him.

Russell Martin - Martin's strengths weren't very good accross the board plus he was a catcher. He fell in every category last year, 7HR, 53RBI, 63R, 11SB & .250 Avg.

Nate McLouth - He took a step backwards in 2009 but keep in mind his sample size was so small (great year and a half) that should we be surprised with his 2009 line at 20HR, 70RBI, 86R, 19SB, .256 Avg?

Lastings Milledge - Many people felt he would be a 20-20 man in 2009. Had a lost season with problems in Washington and was moved to Pittsburgh. The Pirates will give him a ton of chances to show them he can be the player people always thought he could be (remember he was a high 1st round pick). Also keep in mind Milledge must realize that he is running out of chances in MLB and that maybe finally this will be the wakeup call to reach his potential. I understand that is a big maybe.

Jose Reyes - Reyes is an awesome fantasy player because of his speed and his legs. Last year was a lost year due to injury. He finally had the surgery in October so what can we expect for 2010? We'll really have to watch him in spring training to see how those legs are moving.

Alfonso Soriano - Again missed some time (477 AB's) but he is a little bit injury prone. Hit just .241 with only 20HR, 55RBI, 64R and 9 SB. Has to show us that he can be roto monster again.

Geovany Soto - Everyone thought he was going to emerge as one of the top NL catchers. Hit just .218 last year (11HR & 47 RBI). Pitchers adjust to young players and it's up to those young players to adjust to the adjustments.

David Wright - Only had 10HR & 72 RBI in 535 AB's. Yikes. Yes the ballpark is big, and yes he was naked for a lot of the season in that lineup but that being said, Wright's power numbers fell off the cliff. There are other big ballparks like Safeco & Dodger Stadium to name a couple that are big parks, so Citi Field is not the only big ballpark. There is also plenty of bad pitching out there so it's hard to see that drop be that big. Have to think Wright should be able to at least get back to the 100RBI level for next season and while the HR will come back expect around 20HR and anything more than that be happy.

Chris Young - A lot of people thought he would go 30-30 in 2009. Keep in mind Young had never hit better than .248 before last year. Last year he hit just .213 and now he will have to earn AB's going forward.

The Pitchers:
Chad Billingsley - Many experts thought he would emerge as a front line starter. Pitched like an ace in April & May and then pitched like a bad number 5 starter the rest of the year.

Matt Capps - Again many people thought he could emerge as one of the top 5 NL closers after 2009. Finished with a 5.80 ERA & 1.66 Ratio.

Cole Hamels - Had just 10 wins on the Phillies. K's were okay (168K), ratio was pretty good (1.29) but ERA was not that hot (4.32). Everyone seems to think that last off-season Hamels did not work that hard, did a lot of appearance functions as well as the fact in 2008 he threw more innings than ever before.

Brad Lidge - Those 31 saves came at a huge price with a 7.21 ERA & 1.81 Ratio. This guy is hard to understand, he either has a gigantic year or an awful one. That kind of background is the kind of roto player you stay away from. He is going to off-season minor elbow surgery (is there such a thing for pitchers?).

Mike Pelfrey - Took a big step backwards last year. The Mets and many roto owners thought he could be a #2 starter. Had a 5.03 ERA last year with 1.51 Ratio in 184 1/3 IP. Keep in mind even when Pelfrey is going well he is not a big strikeout guy (only 107 last year).

Roy Oswalt - Got very little run support and therefore only won 8 games.  His K's have gone down every year and last year had a career low of 138K's in 181 1/3 IP. His ratio was strong at 1.24 but his ERA was very average at 4.12. Oswalt can still be contributor to one's team but he is no longer an ace.

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