Monday, March 30, 2009

Play against The Fantasy Man in a new Auction League for 2009!!

The Fantasy Man Leagues are back for 2009! We have a league with a few opening's left that we're trying to fill. It's a 12 team, Roto, 5x5, mixed, weekly transaction league, $270 Budget Auction League!! No bench. Just pick your active players and manage your team! (Yes, there will be an active waiver wire). Pick up a player/drop a player system.

This is not an overly confusing league with all sorts of limits and guidelines. This is a league that will really test your drafting knowledge. Have a great draft, you'll have a great team! Simple as that. Many leagues these days with all these crazy rules really takes away the importance of a solid draft. The managers in this league are solid, knowledgeable and active.

The fee for this league is $50 which you can pay through PayPal. We pay out 100% minus the fee for the league provider ($160). We'll play at CBS and this will be a weekly transaction league.

WHEN: Thursday, April 2nd @ 9:00PM EST
WHERE: CBS Online Auction

1st Place- $290
2nd Place- $100
3rd Place- $50

That's $440 + the $160 for the league = $600 ($50 x 12)
Prizes will be adjusted when we finalize teams.

Email me ASAP if you are interested in playing!


Friday, March 27, 2009

A Snake Draft Plan Exposed!

Got a great question to day in the email. So good I thought it would be wise to throw it out there for everyone. I know this is nuts and up for some arguements as I am sure I will get the usual hate mail and comments here but this is a draft plan I am personally following in 12 team, 5x5, roto, mixed leagues this season. Say what you want, but yes, I fully intend on winning with this set up. So much in fact, that I have no problem spreading the advice around! We all know a draft can take a turn for the worse, but if you stay on course and have back up options at every pick, you can make this work and have a pretty sweet team. Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, we just loaded the first new daily fantasy baseball leagues at !! This of course goes along with the $100 Prize April HR Derby FREEROLL that is , um, free to join! Check it out!

The Question: Mike, Last year you provided a Podcast where you listed what position/players you would take in each round. I won a league last year following it. Of course I misplaced the paper where I had all the information. Can you help me out?

The Answer: Of course! I'll make it rain for you right here.... here ya go...... this is the plan I am following. It allows for top notch hitting and solid pitching if you make the right picks. Here it is in a nutshell....

R1 - Power, any position - A top 2 pick I go Pujols, at 5-6 I think about Cabrera and Braun, after that its Howard, Tex, Hamilton, Berkman. I dont care about position scarcity in mixed leagues. I care about power scarcity. Get power early, find steals later. Thats my motto.

R2 - More power, any position - an early round two you can probably grab Tex, Berkman, Holliday, CLee. Late R2 you can grab Fielder, Soriano, Beltran, etc.

R3 - Carlos Quentin or Matt Kemp. Quentin for more power, Kemp for some speed.

R4 - AGonzalez, Mourneau, Jason Bay and if all gone, I might steal Brian Roberts for speed and position scarcity.

R5 - Geovany Soto or Brian McCann. If Soto/McCann is gone, go with Big Papi. If both gone, go with Dan Uggla for 2B or MI.

R6 - grab Papelbon if he's still there. If not, shoot for VMart or Martin if there. Otherwise, take the next best hitter. Maybe Ellsbury if he falls, you can jump on Votto or Chris Davis. Many options.

R7 - Grab a SS (if you didnt grab Hanley, Reyes or Rollins in the 1st).... Drew, Furcal, Tulo, Jeter, Hardy, Peralta.

R8 - Grab a Joey Votto or Chris Davis if you have the 3B (for Davis) or the CI (for Votto)open. Or, if you missed on Roberts or Uggla and have the MI spot open, grab the remaining SS of that group in R7 I mentioned. If all gone or your MI is filled, look at Cano at 2B. If your 2B is filled, go with the best closer available....from Nathan, Rivera, Lidge, Soria. If those guys are gone, go with another hitter like Votto, Chris Davis, Dye, DLee, Delgado, Wells or any quality hitter that has dropped.

R9 - Grab the next best closer on the board..... Valverde, Jenks, Fuentes, Ryan, Marmol, Broxton if you still need a second closer or even if you need the 1st. If you have both, go with the best SP.

R10 - Grab your second closer or if you already have two, go with the best SP.

R11 - If a Johnny Damon, Dye, Hawpe, Wells slip...grab one if you have room. Otherwise grab a SP

R12 - SP

....... from there, start to fill in your team as needed. Hopefully, after you grab two closers by rounds 9 or 10 and then you start filling in SP's. You should be able to get guys like Burnett, Volquez, Gallardo, Nolasco, Cain, Myers, etc. guys with potential. Dont worry about the 2 or 3 open hitter spots, there's lots of cheap talent late at every position........ such as....and to name only a few ;) ......

C - Bengie Molina, Saltalamacchia, Navarro, Suzuki and even Olivo might be decent
1B - Blalock, Guillen, Jacobs, Kotchman, Morales
2B - Weeks, Sanchez, Casilla, Lopez
3B - Blalock, Guillen
OF - Ankiel, Werth, Tavares, Maybin, Dukes, Adam Jones, Milledge, Gomez, Bourn.... there's a ton!

Hope that helps!

It's not perfect but you'll contend if you come up with the right players! The rest comes with great team management!

Monday, March 16, 2009 - UPDATE

So maybe you've checked out the new Fantasy Leagues Express website (or for short), saw the fantasy basketball and hockey games and said, "eh, this ain't my cup of tea." Well, just tonight we've launched the first Fantasy Baseball game of 2009 and if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will!

As of 3/15/09, you can now register at FANLEX , get $2.00 FREE to test out the games, and then sign up for our first fantasy baseball game of 2009: The $100 April HR Derby FREEROLL! Yes, it's free! Just register yourself at FANLEX and simply join the league! The first 200 teams get in. So sign up, pick your team, and watch your players hit bombs for the month of April! If your team accumulates the most HR, you win $100! Simple as that. So what's stopping you from signing up for a free chance at $100????

I'll be honest, it's a tough game. You'll have to pick 10 players using 1000 points, so you'll pretty much have to be on your "A" game. You can't just go in there and draft Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, and Albert Pujols. You may have to dig deep and grab a guy that only costs 40 points. You'll see when you try it, believe me it's tough and that's coming from a guy who lives, breathes, eats, and poops fantasy baseball!

It's a solid game and platform overall. FANLEX will not take your info and sent you spam mail or anything like that. We're here to offer you a new, safe and exciting fantasy game, something different than the typical full season league you're used too. FANLEX offers daily head-2-head leagues in salary cap style and live draft style. Most games will be only $1.00 to play but as people join and play, we'll up the ante!

FANLEX is still in it's early stages but all of the bugs and kinks have been worked out. The site is safe to use and extremely fun and addicting to play! Feel free to email me with any questions you have as I'd love to answer them and help you get familiar with this new game.

Thank you for taking the time to check it out! Now go and sign up for the FREE HR Derby! More games to follow shortly!


Auction Draft Strategies for 2009

With The Fantasy Man's 2009 Starting Pitchers Rankings and Closer rankings Podcasts due out this week, we'll start to move more rapidly into auction draft strategies. However, in case I can't get my act together, let's get the process going here at Fantasy Baseball Express as far as dealing with the Auction.

So let's keep it simple. Below are a few of the basics, mostly for you beginner Auction artists but some that the experienced can learn from or work off of. Let's assume a $270 budget, 23 man roster, mixed league, with a $1 minimum bid. As usual, don't be shy about commenting or sharing your hatred for my work...

Auction Strategies for the Beginner
1. The Plan
- Have a clue before you get to the auction in general. Know how much (give or take a few bucks) you want to spend on certain players, positions, etc. Go in with a plan and stick to it!

2. Know the Players
- If you don't have a rough idea as to how much a player should typically go for, you are not ready for an auction draft and you need more research time. Put it this way, if I throw out a player......Jose Reyes for example. If you don't know how much Reyes will typically go for in an auction, you need more research time. How about someone like...... Ubaldo Jimenez? Same thing. Know your players. Know how much they go for, know who gets the most hype/bidding wars, know what type of numbers you can expect from all players on an individual basis. If you know how much players go for, you can create a more effective plan from the beginning and target specific players. You don't want to be the guy at the draft when a fellow manager yells out, "Tommy Hanson, one dollar!"....and be sitting there saying to yourself, "Who?"

3. Talk It Up
- Chat up your fellow managers, see who they like. Exploit the players on their favorite team. Find the players you don't necessarily care about and throw them out when it's your turn! When it's early, I'd advise you to never throw out a player you actually want! The longer you wait, the longer another manager may wait on a specific player. Sometimes a player comes out so late, that most managers can't afford to bid and takes them out of the bidding altogether. The more teams you can take out of the bidding of a specific player, the better chance of getting that player at market price or less.

4. Bidding
- It's okay to overpay! Overpay here, go cheap over there. You can always compensate for a bad move or an expensive move. In a typical bidding war, if it's only you and another manager and the two of you just bid $5 straight on top of each other with no other bidders, you've started to drastically over pay and is an indicator as a good time to drop out. Jay Bruce is typically a $20-$25 player. If you bid that $25 for market value, another guy bids $1, you top it at $27, he bids another $1, then you topping at $29 is where you should stop. Once you hit that $30 mark, you better start praying Bruce has a monster break out year. That's just an example. With 1st round type players.... Hanley, Reyes, Pujols, Wright, etc.... No one should ever pay more than $55 in a $270/23 roster league, and even $55 is too high. My personal cutoff is $54 for a guy like Jose Reyes or Albert Pujols and even that for me is stretching it.

5. Be Realistic
- Some of you may look at paying $54 for a player and crucify me. First of all, I have won doing that and second, it's really what you are paying for the top players. Let's be realistic here. ALL fantasy baseball magazines at the local Farnes and Zoble have ridiculously low auction values. These magazines have auction values based on stat crunching and numbers and NOT what people are actually paying in real auctions whether live or online. For example, one magazine, let's call it PhotoWorld has Grady Sizemore at $32 for a 5x5 league. Now who can seriously tell me that they've paid anywhere close to $32 in an auction draft for Sizemore? Another mag has it a little closer, let's call this one BLAHOO? has Sizemore at $37 in a mixed league, but still way off. It also has Ryan Braun at $36, ugh. Typical for Sizemore in 2009 as he is one of the most hyped players in drafts this year is anywhere between $45-$52 depending on homerism in your league in mixed leagues. I have seen it over and over in mocks and my own real league auctions this year. It's the same for pretty much all the top players. I'd say the magazines are dead wrong for maybe the top 100 players in a draft. I am sure the numbers they use to pump out these values can be justified, but they just don't have a clue when it comes to "real" value, which is the real value real people are paying in auctions. If you need more "real" values as to what people are actually paying, take a look at purchasing
The Fantasy Man FEED so you can get my Draft Guide with the "real" values. Point is, either do your own research or do mock drafts to get an idea as to how much people are really paying!

6. Most Important
- NEVER leave money on the table at the end of the draft. You may feel like you're overpaying for a potential star by going that extra buck or two. Don't sweat it, there will be plenty of $1 potential break out players at the end of the auction....and you'll be happy you got your man!

In the next post, we'll start to break down the auction and use specific players to get you ready to make a run at your championship, so stick around!

Oh, and , my new site, is offering an APRIL HR DERBY Fantasy Baseball Game FREEROLL. Register on the site for free, I'll give you $2.00 free to try the games, and sign up for the April HR Derby FREEROLL for a chance at $100! Create the team that accumulates the most HR for the month of April and you win $100! First 200 people get in! If you miss out, don't sweat it, we'll be posting many more fantasy baseball games!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League Draft Analysis

Hey guys, Mike here again. So I did a yet another fantasy baseball expert league which is hosted by Todd "Fa La La La La" Farino at . Yeah, I just made that name up....what! Anyway, it was a heck of a draft and I feel like I walked away a winner already. I probably should have drafted this team with my eyes closed...too easy! It got tough for five seconds when someone drafted Carlos Quentin in the third round ahead of me but I have an answer for that..... Matt Kemp!! What!!

I kid, but this was a great draft and one I feel pretty happy and excited about. I think the back end of my pitching could use some help but and I am counting on a lot of hidden potential and upside, but that's how The Fantasy Man rolls! That's FM style baby!

The league was slightly different from the normal set up. This was a 21man active roster with 1C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 4OF, 1DH, 9P, and 6Bench. So 27 total rounds. It was mixed league, 5x5, roto. Notice it's only 1 catcher and active OF. I will delve into that on my catcher pick.

So here are the results and my thoughts as to why I chose each player. Did I mention that you need to check out , that's my new fantasy sports game site! Tons of fun and opportunity to win free money! I give you $2.00 FREE just for signing up and trying the games. Okay, back to fantasy baseball.....

So the draft itself was the usual type of expert draft..... all hitting early, wait on closers, wait on starting pitching, experts jumping all over the young hype too early to get those oohs and aahs. I figured I'd just sit back and use this to my advantage. So here was my original plan in this particular league (these plans change from draft to draft as I tend to get bored with the same ole thing).....
- Lots Power or Power/Speed early (R1-R4) [ARod/Pujols/Wright, Quentin, Kemp, Papi, AGone, Fielder possibly]
- A Top 4 catcher in the 5th (McCann, Mauer, Martin, Soto)
- 2 Top SS between R6-R8, one to use as my MI (Drew, Jeter, Furcal, Tulo, Hardy, Peralta)
- My first pitcher in rounds 9 or 10, most likely the best closers on the board (Fuentes, Valverde, Ryan, Broxton, Soria, Marmol)

- 2 SP's after that (Volquez, Gallardo, Nolasco, etc.)
- Fill in with best player available (of the ones I actually like) from there (Ankiel, Cruz, Murphy, McPherson, Weeks, Dukes, Blalock, to name a few)

Okay, so above is my plan before I start. So take a look at those players and see who I ended up with. You see a lot of similar names right??? That's the power of mock drafts, fantasy baseball's best research! We did our draft at .

R1 - Alex Rodriguez - Dooh! 5 Minutes after 9PM when I chose A-Rod with the 5th pick in the draft, a news flash on ESPN News announced A-Rod had the Cyst and was going to fly to Colorado to get checked out! In hindsight, I should have just taken Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers but at this point of the day, I had no clue A-Rod was hurt. At that 5th pick, it's the best pick because it's either Hanley, Reyes, Pujols, Wright or A-Rod....whomever falls. In my defense, if he only misses about a month, I should still be okay. I drafted three other players total that have 3B eligibility so I should be okay.

R2 - Alfonso Soriano - Usually I'd grab a Prince Fielder or Johan Santana. But Johan might be hurt or may start the year on the DL and I love Fielder but I just wanted to do something different and so I took a chance on Soriano. He has the injury risk but he can put up Prince Fielder type power along with 20+ SB, so I figured he's be a great pick as long as he stays on the field. The other idea was to take Carlos Quentin early, but I thought he would last to me in the early 3rd round after the wrap. Well, he didn't! UGH!

R3 - Matt Kemp - Simply put, if I miss on Quentin, Kemp is always my back up plan in the 3rd round, he's usually available. .300/20/30/100/100 potential is sweet and with Manny there, it's even more a possibility.

R4 - David Ortiz - Adiran Gonzalez was gone and I was even thinking Brian Roberts to load up on speed but he got drafted and I came to my senses. I believe the Big Papi will have somewhat of a bounce back year. If he hits .290/35/100 I'll be super happy!

R5 - Joe Mauer - I could have jumped on Geovany Soto here and with Brian McCann and Russ Martin picked just ahead of me, I wanted to land Mauer and his BA/Runs potential. I'm not a huge Mauer guy in fantasy but I see an opportunity to work on the team BA.

R6 - Joe Nathan - I can't remember what possessed me to take Nathan here as I was planning to take Stephen Drew but I think I sensed a closer run. As it turned out, by round 8, Joakim Soria and Jonathon Broxton were already gone. I am happy with this pick. I also then figured I could still grab Troy Tulowitzski and J.J. Hardy in the next two rounds.

R7 - Derrek Lee - Dooh!! 1B power was getting slim and I didnt want to get stuck with a James Loney or a Casey Kotchman, so I believe Derrek Lee still has something left in the tank. Plus, Tulo, Hardy and Peralta still out there.

R8 - Troy Tulowitzski - Told ya! So I got a top SS, should be a .300/20/100R guy with some risk. SS is so weak that it's important to have a top 10 guy.

R9 - B.J. Ryan - This is usually where I grab a closer and I took Ryan. Should be solid. I bet he raises his K rate a bit this year too. Plus, he's super tough to hit and he's a lefty which I like.

R10 - Edinson Volquez - I will be using these next few rounds to grab some solid young SP's with a ton of upside. Bingo!

R11- Ricky Nolasco - This guy had 186 K last season in 212IP with a fantastic WHIP. He's an injury risk but he's up and coming.

R12 - Carlos Zambrano - I flirted with Raul Ibanez but SP's were running thin really fast. Everyone is saying he's done, not sure if people are seeing something I'm not. He's logged a lot of innings and had a down year for sure, but the dude is only 27! I feel like I got a steal in the 12th round!

R13 - Rick Ankiel - I was targeting Ankiel but with the way players were flying off the board and still needing a 2B and a MI, I wanted to steal Ankiel before anyone had the chance to do it. Plus, I new I could still wait on those other two positions. Ankiel is a contract year guy that I feel could bust out! Not every contract year guy will perform (i.e. Andruw Jones), but I'm a big believer in Ankiel's power potential.

R14 - Rickie Weeks - Sorry, just couldn't resist! I have a weak spot for Weeks.

R15 - Jorge Cantu - Still needed a CI, tons of solid 3B options late but I like the position versatility and he should be quite solid. I'll take .275/25/100 here anyday.

R16 - Erik Bedard - Having a great spring so far! Says he feels great, has all the potential in the world, still risky, but a fantastic value this late.

R17 - Hank Blalock - I took this opportunity to load up my bench, plus with A-Rod out, he makes a nice filler. He has a chip on his shoulder and much to prove. I like that and the Ranger offense is sick looking!

R18 - Carlos Guillen - A great value here. He's healthy, playing in the WBC and ready to contribute to my team. Guillen gives me the option of swapping him with Blalock in A-Rod's absence. Guillen gives me versatility at that 3B slot.

R19 - Mike Pelfrey - SOlid SP's with upside are almost non-existent now. I like Pelfrey to continue where he left off from last year. Even if Johan is out a bit in April, he's the guy who will have to step up!

R20 - Felipe Lopez - Ummm, did I just do that! Once again, I couldn't resist. I like to call Lopez my "Rickie Weeks Syndrome".

R21 - Daniel Murphy - This was a sneaky pick and makes for a fantastic sleeper. We now he is the LF starter for the Mets and scouts thing he'll be a .300/20/90 guy this year!

R22 - Elijah Dukes - This is an all potential pick. There is no way he is left on the bench with the 5 OF they have. He has 30/30 potential this year! Huge sleeper! Forget about his attitude, I think he checked that at the door. That stuff is over. Don't let that affect your decision to draft this guy this late.

R23 - Andy Pettitte - Same as the Pelfrey pick. I mean just before me someone took Paul Maholm. The after me someone too Daniel Huff?? No brainer on Pettitte who is embarrassed by last years performance. That's motivation right there. Plus, I have so much potential on this team, I needed a solid and sturdy guy I can rely on.

R24 - Jason Kubel - This guy has the upside to be a masher and now I'm just picking Fliers. Active offense is filled and I have 3 bench slots and 1 SP slot. This was an all upside pick.

R25 - Jerry Hairston - Could have left him on the wire but I love the position eligibility (2B/SS/OF) and it looks like he'll start. he could be a Brian Roberts in the 25 round if he can stay healthy.

R26 - Kyle Davies - I like his upside and youth. Was great down the stretch and in the 2nd half overall in 2008 and he's been pretty good in spring training so far. He's a supe sleeper to fill out my last starting SP slot.

R27 - Homer Bailey - I took a flier as he is having a great spring as well!

So that's the draft. Overall I have a sweet balance of power and speed. I got my two top closers with some great young pitching with upside. I was able to reload after the A-Rod debacle with my 5th pick and I have a ton of upside. Overall I'm happy and should have a top 5 team just looking at the draft. I am sure I'll be cherry pickin' off the wire come April though!

Check it out FANLEX

Is A-Rod still a First Round Draft Pick in your League?

As of 3/11/09...
So now A-Rod opted to have surgery on his Cyst which has been caused by a torn labrum and is out at least 6-9 weeks. I personally think it will be closer to the 6 than the 9 only because of what great shape A-Rod is in. In any case, where do you draft A-Rod in your league???

Personally, I'll just pass on him altogether unless he slips into the 3rd or 4th round or something. I just don't like taking the risk on a guy who is playing with a torn labrum all year. Now the media is probably making more of a big deal out of it than they should and there is a great chance he still comes out, gets 450 AB and hits .300/30/90-100 the rest of the way. But a hip injury like that is a killer because hitters use their hips to explode through the ball (I used to be a baseball instructor) and to generate bat speed. If A-Rod has pain from the torn labrum, he's not going to be able to use his hips effectively. This is why I'll pass up on A-Rod, my favorite fantasy player of all time, I just cant take the risk this year. I am here to win money, not draft a team only to watch it finish in 6th place because I had no first round pick.

If you play in a keeper league however, if you are lucky enough to grab A-Rod in the 2nd round, I'd do it! He should be fine next year after they fix the torn labrum at the end of this year. Also, in a keeper league, you may end up playing with more bench slots so you'll have room to recover A-Rod potentially lost stats. Make some smart picks late in the draft who could be the next Josh Hamilton and you'll be off the hook....maybe a Rick Ankiel, Nelson Cruz, Elijah Dukes, Hank Blalock...are a few that jump out at me. So you can definitely make up the stats some how, some way.

As of 3/6/09.....
Ugh, A-Rod. He just loves getting all the media attention. First it's some stripper in Canada, then it's his lack of excitement in the playoffs, then he loves Madonna and gets divorced, then he used steroids, and now he's injured. Great! Just great! Glad I pick A-Rod with my 5th pick in the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League the other night only to find out 10 minutes later that he had a cyst on his hip. Thanks A-Rod!

Here's an article on the situation from the ever-so-trustworthy
Here's an okay article from

As for me, look, right now, you just can't trust anything anyone says. One minute he's fine, the next he's missing the season, the next he's getting surgery and missing 4 weeks, the next he's feeling fine and is just going to rest. They did the same thing with Albert Pujols last year and everyone got all excited about that....and look what happened. Granted, A-Rod injury is a little bit less of a mystery but there is a good chance he rests up and ends up starting the season just fine. Will he play all year? Well, thats another story, but its the same story Pujols told last year.

My opinion on this is that if you have picks 1-4, you go Pujols, Hanley, Wright, Reyes or whatever. Anything after that, if you want to pick A-Rod and hope he plays, go for it. If not, don't. There a good chance A-Rod will not be 100% this year, so there is a good chance he won't hit .300/50/140 like we know he can. So, if you have that 5th pick and you want Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera, or Grady Sizemore, go for it. Don't read to much into this or let it frustrate the crap out of you. if you are unsure about A-Rod, just pass him up. Simple as that. If you want to take a risk, it's okay, you'll probably get some kind of use out of him. Either he rests and you get a good half season out of him in the beginning, or he gets the surgery, recovers, and you have him for the stretch run. Simple as that. Then again, maybe he turns out to be fine the way Pujols did.

Check it out!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Dealing with the WBC and your Fantasy Team

The World Baseball Classic can wreak havoc on your fantasy team, your draft and your overall draft strategy. This quick post will give you the information you need to have a successful draft and gain peace of mind when your players end up playing in the Classic.

When it comes to batters, hey, the more at bats a player can get in the spring whether it's spring traing or the WBC, the better. Should you draft players playing in the WBC over players who are not? No, not necessarily. However, don't look at a batter and say, "I'll pass on him because I think he might get tired or hurt later in the season." Any extra at bats a player gets in the WBC is gravy for your fantasy season and helps promote a faster start to the season.

For pitchers, there are two ways to look at it. Are my pitchers going to pitch in the WBC and then tire out during the year? My answer to you is.... probably not. Here's why...

First, most young pitchers are pitching well into the fall and during the winter anyway, so when they get to spring training, they're in pretty good shape. Two players that come to mind are Fausto Carmona and Phil Hughes. Hughes was dominant in the Arizona Fall League and has been solid so far this spring. Fausto Carmona was pitching well into December down south as I remember seeing highlights on ESPN and he looked like he was in midseason form..... and is a reason why I love Carmona as a sleeper that you can steal late in the draft.

The second way to look at it is these pitchers will pitch in the WBC, which could then cause them to tire early or get injured later in the season, which can cause destruction to your fantasy season.

Personally, I'd rather take the first approach. Simply because most of these guys are pitching well into the winter, I don''t see how a few games in the WBC will affect them. Plus, their work in the WBC only takes the place of the work they'd be doing in spring training.

So when it comes to the WBC, don't fret! Just draft the players you want to draft as they fit into your strategy. The only guys that scare me are Cole Hamels and C.C. Sabathia. Hamels pitched excessively into October and sometimes on only a few days rest. The same can be said for what the Brewers did to C.C. Sabathia. I'm not saying you should pass them up, but I am saying it's something to think about.

Want to make money during your fantasy baseball season?? Give a try. Sign up now and you get $2.00 FREE cash to try out the games!