Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fantasy Man's 2010 Fantasy Baseball First Basemen 1B Rankings

1. Albert Pujols, STL: Pujols should still be a top 1 or 2 pick but with his recent elbow surgery to remove 5 bone spurs, don't be surprised if Pujols falls a few spots in drafts. He's a steal if he drops to 4th or 5th! He'll be ready by spring training! I'll still pick him #1 but I don't know if he'll top 2009 in 2010. It'll be close.
2009: .328/47HR/135RBI/124R/16SB/.443OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .330BA/38HR/125RBI/110R/8SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 5
Auction Value: $45-$50

2. Miguel Cabrera, DET: Cabrera turns 27 in April! What else do I need to say? He's just about to enter his prime! My 2010 MVP candidate!
2009: .320/35HR/120RBI/100R/5SB/.400OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .330BA/38HR/125RBI/110R/8SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 5
Auction Value: $45

3. Prince Fielder, MIL: Fielder have almost identical stats but Fielder comes out on top because he'll get you a slightly higher BA and OBP as Fielder will draw more walks and less K's. Plus, he's a better play in H2H leagues that count BB and K. Fielder is in a decent lineup, solid growth the last few years and is still quite young. He's a no brainer as my power foundation. However, what's his ceiling?
2009: .300/46HR/141RBI/103R/2SB/.412OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .300+BA/40HR/120RBI/100R/3SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Top 10
Auction Value: $40

4. Ryan Howard, PHI: Not a huge difference here from Fielder with the exception of BA and OBP in Roto leagues. The difference comes in H2H leagues that count BB and K's. Howard turns 30 in November so he's in the midst of his prime years. I don't think anyone senses any regression of power coming after watching him in the post season. I'm expecting about the same as the last two years. Better 2nd half player too!
2009: .280/45HR/141RBI/105R/8SB/.360OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .280+BA/45HR/130RBI/100R/5SB/.360+OBP
Draft Value: Top 10
Auction Value: $40

5. Mark Teixeira, NYY: First year as a Yankee with a big contract and he delivered! The one knock I have on Tex, and I love Tex because he's a Yankee but you have to be getting sick of the slumps year in and year out. He's a great fantasy pick in the late first round for sure, but for me, I just can't take the half year slumps and he went through a couple of them this year. I'll take Tex late first round if he falls to me but I personally would grab Fielder or Howard first because I hate watching the slumps! I like the added power from those guys anyway. Otherwise, he's a fantastic fantasy choice right in the middle of his prime and 2010 smells like an MVP year hitting in front of A-Rod again!!
2009: .292/39HR/122BI/103R/2SB/.383OBP
The Fantasy Man Projection: .300BA/40HR/130RBI/100R/2SB/.400+OBP
Draft Value: Late first round but could easily be top 10
Auction Value: $40

6. Adrian Gonzalez

7. Justin Morneau
8. Mark Reynolds
9. Victor Martinez

10. Kevin Youkilis
11. Pablo Sandoval
12. Lance Berkman
13. Kendry Morales
14. Derek Lee

15. Adam Dunn

16. Joey Votto
17. Billy Butler

18. Carlos Pena
19. Mike Cuddyer

20. James Loney
21. Chris Davis
22. Carlos Delgado
23. Paul Konerko
24. Jorge Cantu
25. Garrett Jones
26. Nick Johnson
27. Russell Branyan
28. Todd Helton
29. Adam LaRoche
30. Martin Prado
31. Chris Carter
32. Hank Blalock
33. Aubrey Huff
34. Garrett Atkins
35. Casey Kotchman
36. Ryan Garko
37. Daniel Murphy

38. Lyle Overbay
39. Andy Marte
40. Jason Giambi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fantasy Man's 2010 Fantasy Baseball Catcher Rankings

What's interesting for 2010 is that with the drop off of Russell Martin and Ryan Doumit, the top 5 and even the top 10 here are not that intriguing. After Joe Mauer, Brian McCann and Victor Martinez, your left with all question marks. Best advice going forward, spend your money on one of the top 3 and hope they don't get hurt! Otherwise, you get some nice value later in the draft if guys like Doumit and Martin bounce back.

Oh, FYI..... no, Pablo Sandoval won't be catcher eligible in 2010 unless all you need is one game. Sandoval caught only 3 games this season.

1. Joe Mauer
2. Victor Martinez
3. Brian McCann
4. Matt Wieters
5. Jorge Posada
6. Miguel Montero
7. Ryan Doumit
8. Geovany Soto

9. Kurt Suzuki
10. Russell Martin
11. A.J. Pierzynski
12. Mike Napoli

13. Bengie Molina
14. Yadier Molina
15. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
16. Chris Ianetta

17. Carlos Ruiz
18. Rod Barajas
19. Miguel Olivo
20. John Baker
21. Jesus Flores

22. Ramon Hernandez
23. Dionar Navarro
24. Kelly Shoppach
25. John Buck

26. Taylor Teagarden
27. Lou Marson

28. Omir Santos
29. Gerald Laird
30. Jason Varitek
31. Ivan Rodriguez
32. Carlos Santana
33. Jonathon LuCroy
34. Alex Avila

35. Buster Posey
36. Tyler Flowers
37. J. P. Arencibia
38. Nick Hundley
39. Rob Johnson

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fantasy Man's Top 50 of 2010

The 2009 fantasy baseball season is over and while we're all involved with the post season and with fantasy football, why not be the first to look ahead into fantasy baseball 2010. Below is a list at who I think should be the top 25 going into 2010 drafts. This list is open debate and will most likely be changed again early in the offseason as I'll have to make adjustments once the post season ends.

1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Albert Pujols
3. Hanley Ramirez
4. Ryan Braun
5. Miguel Cabrera
6. Chase Utley
7. Matt Kemp
8. Joe Mauer
9. Carl Crawford
10. Prince Fielder
11. Ryan Howard
12. Mark Teixeira
13. Adrian Gonzalez
14. Ian Kinsler
15. Troy Tulowitzski
16. Jimmy Rollins
17. Jacoby Ellsbury
18. Matt Holliday

19. Grady Sizemore
20. Jose Reyes
21. Johan Santana
22. Roy Halladay
23. Tim Lincecum
24. C.C. Sabathia
25. David Wright
26. Evan Longoria
27. Justin Morneau
28. Carlos Beltran
29. Justin Upton

30. Robinson Cano
31. Pablo Sandoval
32. Kevin Youkilis
33. Jason Bay
34. Ichiro Suzuki
35. Manny Ramirez
36. Mark Reynolds
37. Adam Lind
38. Andre Ethier
39. Aaron Hill

40. Ryan Zimmerman
41. Kendry Morales
42. Chris Carpenter
43. Adam Wainwright
44. Zach Greinke
45. Jayson Werth
46. Derek Jeter

47. Brian Roberts
48. Dustin Pedroia
49. Brian McCann
50. Ben Zobrist

You could certainly open this up for debate. Consider it a starter ranking for 2010. I think you have to give Joe Mauer his props considering his risk and you still have to consider Jose Reyes and Grady Sizemore top 20 fantasy picks despite this years injuries. My biggest issue is David Wright. He currently has 8 HR and while we shouldn't expect the Mets to be as bad next year as they are this year, I'm having trouble ranking him higher.

Some other players you may consider could be Robinson Cano who finally had a breakout year but who also could be better next year. Dustin Pedroia was a top 20 favorite in drafts earlier this year but we found that most experts who touted Pedroia that earlier were clearly wrong. 15 HR and 72 RBI as of today doesn't warrant a top 20 pick considering he had 10HR and 57 RBI with about 2 weeks left to go in the season. I actually replaced Manny Ramirez with Justin Upton as Upton's numbers are almost identical to Matt Hollidays' but with more steals and a more attractive age than Manny. You can certainly pair C.C. Sabathia with Roy Halladay and Johan Santana but I feel the latter two are more automatic and I wanted to make room for Upton in the top 25. Mark Reynolds with that power/speed combo and youth is a must in the top 40 if you can't sneak him into the top 25. He gets knocked slightly because of the K's and his unpredictability but he's a nice option to load up on HR/SB. Personally, I don't think he'll go 40/20 again but you may see a few less HR with a slightly better BA.

Other potential top 50 candidates but.....
Michael Young - Does anyone see him hitting 20+ HR next year again?
Victor Martinez - Steady Eddie, .300/20/100... ish every year
Nelson Cruz - Legit power/speed should be a late 3rd/4th rounder, BA suffers a bit.
Brandon Phillips - 20/20 potential every year but the BA is a killer, probably a top 50 guy though on this list by the time we approach fantasy drafts in January.

I'm interested to see how rankings start to shape up as the season nears an end. I will update this list again sometime in late November or December.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The NL King - "I Feel Your Pain"

Guys, I just want you to know for those of you who came up short or 
had a disappointing roto season, I feel your pain. Again, I am in a NL 
only, 12 team, 5 X 5 keeper league. I was in 2nd place at the end of 
May and just 5.5 points out of 1st. I then added in mid June via 
trades in rebuilding deals Chad Billingsley & Hanley Ramirez (gave up 
Hunter Pence in this deal) and then added Nate McLouth in mid July on 
a rebuilding deal. When the smoke cleared I finished in 6th pace 5.5 
points out of the money. After winning my league last year I knew it 
was not going to be easy to challenge for the title again. However 
come late May I was in great position and was able to make a couple of 
great trades to challenge for the title for this season, or so I thought.

What killed me was I had to many players whose numbers were way off 
where they should have been. Just in the trades I mentioned above, I 
got Billingsley's last 20 starts in which he had a 5.03 ERA and just 5 
wins. McLouth was injured and did not perform well overall and on top of that I 
had huge disappointing seasons from my drafted players in Russell 
Martin (spent $27 on him on draft day), Kelly Johnson (spent $23 on 
him on draft day), Edwin EnCarncion (spent $19 on him on draft day) & 
Matt Capps (spent $24 on him on draft day). This was just to much to 
overcome. In fantasy baseball you need to be good but you also need to 
have the stars align. I feel your pain guys but there is always next 
year! Already looking forward to  trade talks in my league for the off-

NL King - C.Lizza