Sunday, February 14, 2010

About Chris Lizza - The NL King

Chris Lizza, better know as the NL King, has been providing National League Only fantasy baseball advice for Fantasy Baseball Express since July 2009! Here is a deeper look into The Fantasy Man's newest fantasy baseball advice writer...

A deeper look into the NL King...
Chris started playing Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball back in the late 80's. One of his best friends, who is still in his league today, went to the bookstore one day and bought this new book about Rotisserie Baseball. After some mixed league fun and in the early 90's, Chris' group formed their current league which is entering it's 19th season in 2010. It's an NL Only, 12 team, 5X5, Keeper League. Chris has won his league five times, most recently in 2008. Chris has finished in the money between 60 to 65 percent of the time according to his records. Back in the day Chris remembers drafting a young rookie prospect named Chipper Jones in the farm system part of their draft and getting him for a buck.

Chris is a New York guy, grew up on Long Island, went to college on the island and now works in NYC as a finance guy in the advertising industry. Chris stumbled upon The Fantasy Man searching the web for fantasy baseball advice about 2-3 years ago and liked the content. Chris signed up for a subscription service and eventually approached Mike about writing articles. In July 2009 the NL King was born!

Chris loves Fantasy Baseball and finds it a great escape. Seems like these days so much stress on all our lives and the time he spends on his fantasy team and writing the articles is that great escape. Chris hopes his articles help fantasy managers win championships. Chris urges that you compile research and look at all the analysis and to do your homework! The articles will keep on coming and I hope everyone enjoys them and gets something out of them. Please feel free to leave your comments on each and every NL King post! Enjoy.

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