Friday, February 12, 2010

John Iavarone of Presents his latest Spoof!

After the start of the 2009 fantasy baseball season, a friend of mine, a comedian from NYC and I got together to have some fun with YouTube. We came up with Stupid Boss Doing a Fantasy Baseball Draft at Work and was the first short film for what we now know as J2 Comedy! Say what you want. It was the first time The Fantasy Man has ever handled a movie camera or did any kind of editing. It was a bit long but it certainly packs a punch if you stick it out towards the end! Any of you who watched more than 4 of the 5 minutes of that video know what I am talking about!

Enter the John Iavarone of 2010! Older! Shorter! Smarter! Balder! Now, this video is not fantasy baseball related but John came up with a great idea and I wanted to help my friend get his comedy out there! Along with a great production crew (John's moving up in the world), they produced a great video! It's funnier and slightly shorter for your viewing pleasure! Please take a look at John's infomercial spoof called "The Pre-Sweated Sweatshirt"! Feel free to leave any feedback or to pass along the video!

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