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NL King - 10 Draft Day Strategies and Tips - Part 3 of 3

Fantasy baseball advice at its best! Here is part 3 of 3 of the NL King's NL Only 10 Draft Day strategies.

- Remember steals & saves are like playing a game of musical chairs. There only so many chairs just like there are only so many guys who get saves or decent amount of steals. Make sure you are not chasing these categories late in the draft. If you are chasing these categories late, odds are you will overpay for mediocre talent.

- If your a player short, make it a hitter instead of a pitcher. A lot more players come through the waiver wire that are at least decent hitters than guys who can help your starting rotation or get you saves. It's also easier to trade for a hitter than a pitcher. More teams have depth in hitting than pitching.

- Sometimes you have to overpay. If the guys on your draft board lists start dwindling down, you must make sure you secure the kind of players you need to win. So if your team needs a big hitter who can also give you 20 steals and your draft board was Justin Upton, Troy Tulowitzki and David Wright and only Wright is left but you have to overpay by $3 on draft day, you have to do it. You must secure the talent.

- Attack the draft with your draft dollars. Most owners increase there bidding one or two dollars at a time. Do not be afraid to increase it by 7 or 8 or even more draft dollars as long as you're getting the player you want at your estimated price. Using this tactic can scare away other owners from the bidding. Also remember many owners get cautious as you break certain threshold numbers during the draft especially after the first couple of rounds. Take advantage of that. Threshold numbers would be $10, $15, $20 etc., so bid $9, $19, $29, etc.

- Do everything you can to save a few bucks for the last 6 to 8 players you need to finish filling out your roster. You need purchasing power late and having a good $15-$20 to fill out the last few spots is ideal. This will be huge as you get the better secondary players in the league. Very hard filling out the back end of your roster with good secondary players when you have $7 for 5 spots.

- Target a promising prospect who could be up 2 months into the season as your 14th hitter for $1. The guy I would choose for this year is Pedro Alvarez (3B, Pirates) because of his talent level and because the opportunity is there with Andy LaRoche being the so called opening day starter in Pittsburgh.

- Don't take too many old players, or to many rookies, or to many injury risks or to many guys trying to bounce back from a bad season. Must pick your spots.

- Early on it's a good idea to bring up big players that you won't be bidding on to get some of the competition draft day budgets drained as soon as possible, especially a manager who you could be in competition with on area's of need. Also it's a good idea to bring up a mid level guy early as you can get him for a good price because everyone is fixated on the top players at that point.

- Remember do not draft secondary players who will hurt either your ERA, Ratio or Batting Average. Remember the
percentage categories article I did.

- Finally remember good numbers from your secondary players on your roster can work up to all-star performances very quickly.

C. Lizza - NL King
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