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NL King - Executing the Draft Plan - Part 2 of 3

Fantasy baseball draft advice is everywhere this time of year, but specific NL Only strategies are hard to come by so listen good. After doing your prep work and with your draft plan in place, you're ready for the draft. It now comes down to execution of that draft plan. It's just like producing the two out single with a runner in scoring position. Here are the key points on executing your draft plan....

- Stick to your Plan. You can deviate if players go much lower in area's of need. If players go a few dollars less than you thought in non area's of need in the 1st half of the draft, let them slide. For example if your strong in steals going into the draft and Nyjer Morgan goes $5 less than you thought, still let him go to another team. Stick to your draft plan and what you need.

- Remember the goal is to walk out of the draft as one of the top contending teams. The goal isn't to walk out saying wow I got two great values in players X & Y. Must have a balanced team to win a championship. Good numbers from your secondary players add up and can lead to a championship. I cannot stress that point enough.

- In the second half of the draft where teams have serious money restrictions that's where you can go after guys to add to your strengths who go under valued. In my league last year Mark Reynolds did not get called out until very late in the draft. The team in my league who won Reynolds was strong in hitting already but he was able to get Mark Reynolds at $16 (most teams in the league at that point had very little money left) which was a steal for 2009 and a great keeper for 2010.

- Know your other owners tendencies and how that wll impact your draft plan. Must size up the competition on who else in the league are going to go after your targeted core players.

- You must monitor during the draft the other owners who need the same kind of players as you and where they stand during the draft with their draft dollars.

- Finally you must be patient with your draft plan. Do not panic. As long as there are players on the board that fit the bill for your core open slots there is no reason to panic. As your lists start dwindling you may have to spend a little more than you thought for these players. You must keep that in mind. Remember every draft is it's own animal.

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