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NL King - NL East Key Fantasy Questions

Every year around this time we all like to analyze the big questions for the upcoming baseball season and that's why we all love spring training! Who's going to have a comeback year? Who's healthy? Who's not? Where is this guy going to bat? What position is that guy going to play? The questions are endless. We don't have all the answers yet, if any, but we thought we'd throw out some of thise years biggest question marks. Let's see if we can get the talk started....

Atlanta Braves:
- Can Tommy Hanson emerge as an ace?
- Can Derek Lowe bounce back to his old reliable self?
- Should we be concerned with Jair Jurrjens latest shoulder developments?
- What should we expect from Troy Glaus, Tim Hudson & Billy Wagner after missing most of 2009?
- Does Chipper Jones have one more special year in him?
- Will Jason Heyward be the starting RF and blast off from the beginning?

Florida Marlins:
- Can anyone out of Chris Volstad, Annibal Sanchez, Sean West, Andrew Miller or anyone else be a good backend starter on your fantasy team?
- Can Leo Nunez be an effective closer for the whole year?
- Will Cameron Maybin talent come through this?
- Will Gaby Sanchez be the opening day 1B?
- Will Chris Coghlan stay away from the sophomore jinx?

New York Mets:
- Can any of Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Oliver Perez be a good depth starter?
- How many steals can we count on with Jose Reyes? Will he hit leadoff or 3rd to start the season?
- Will David Wright bounce back big power wise?
- How long will Carlos Beltran be out for and what kind of player will he be when he comes back?
- Will Jason Bay's power #'s been bitten by the Citi Field bug?
- Between Angel Pagan, Luis Castillo & Daniel Murphy who bats in the front of the lineup and who bats in the back of the lineup?
- Who plays 1B for the Mets?
- What's up with Carlos Delgado?

Philadelphia Phillies:
- Can Cole Hamels get back to his 2008 form and maybe be an ace?
- Are J.A. Happ's 2009 numbers a fluke?
- Can Brad Lidge bounce back or does Ryan Madson steal the closer role?
- Will Jayson Werth explode in a contract year?
- Does Shane Victorino's fantasy value decrease outside of the second spot?

Washington Nationals:
- Should you draft any Nationals' starter?
- Can Matt Capps bounce back?
- Will Ian Desmond get playing time?
- Will Nyjer Morgan swipe 50 bags?
- Will Dukes give us anything this year with his talent?

Your thoughts??? Next article - the NL Central questions.

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