Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Thinking Ahead to Week 2

I love it when you go to Yahoo's Fantasy Sports home page, you click on the "Who's Hot / Who's Cold" links and when you click on the "Cold"..... you get Placido Polanco who's hiitting .579 with 7 runs scored! I love it! Fantasy Baseball is here!

So I'm taking a look at my 15 or so teams right now and trying to figure out a game plan for Week 2. I figured it could be beneficial to our readers to "figure" out loud.

One man's waiver wire junk is another man's championship-run gold! Here's a few players to think about this week going forward who I actually believe will keep up their hot streaks and be potential breakouts...

1. Chris B. Young, OF, ARI - Slapped a Granny last night and has been off to a hot start hitting .300+ in the first few games. He's 26 years old and thats a great age fantasy wise for a guy who's been in the league and has struggled for a few years. If he hits .260 and goes 20+/20+, you grabbed a nice sleeper. If he hits .260+ and goes 30+/30+, you hit the freakin' jack pot! Owned in only 56% of CBS leagues started in 28% and could be an easy trade target. Owned in only 43% in Yahoo leagues.

2. Magglio Ordonez, OF, DET - He's healthy! Period. His hot spring and hot start is for real. Stick with him. If you try to sell high your not going to get great value anyway.

3. Travis Hafner, DH, CLE - Same deal. 100% Healthy again, has a healthy Grady Sizemore to protect and two quality OBP guys in Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin Soo Choo hitting in front of him. He's not known to last a full season but when he does play he has monster power and hits .300+! Owned in only 41% of CBS leagues and started in only 17% so he should be an easy trade target. Owned in only 12% of Yahoo leagues.

4. Delmon Young, OF, MIN - Word is he lost about 30lbs. in the off-season and came into camp super motivated. I like those stories and Delmon had a hot spring and already has 2 HR and 1 SB in his first few games. He's always been able to hit for a decent average so if this power surge is for real, I wouldn't be surprised if a .290/30/15 type of season is in line. remember, he was orginally touted to be a 30/30 guy and be a superstar and now he's 24 or so and still hasn't hit his prime. Owned in 65% of CBS leagues and 31% of Yahoo leagues.

5. Dontrelle Willis, SP, DET - Could he be back? Pitched a solid game the other day after a solid spring and new attitude. Only owned in 19% of CBS leagues and started in 6%. Could be a cheap throw-in for a package deal. Owned in only 4% of Yahoo leagues.

6. Mike Pelfrey, SP, NYM - This one is a hunch. Pitched a great game against the Nationals but also has a solid spring and his teammates have been raving about him all spring. pelfrey still needs to work on his walks but after listening to New York Sports Radio everyday and interviews with Mets players, I simply can't ignore this guy who is still looking for that big break out season!

Best Buy Low Candidate - Carlos Zambrano - He got rocked on Opening Day, but guess what? He gets rocked every opening day and according to CBS, he's never had an ERA over 4.00 for a season!

In Weekly Leagues I'm Benching (but not dropping)....
Jay Bruce
Kyle Blanks

Nate McClouth

I'm Dropping...

Scott Sizemore
Ryan Raburn

I'm Adding...
Sean Rodriguez
Delmon Young
Chris B. Young
Chris R. Young
Brett Gardner
Brian Matusz
Dallas Braden
C.J. Wilson (taking a flier)
Barry Zito
Mike Pelfrey

Mike Kuchera
The Fantasy Man

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