Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NL King - The Art of theTrade - 5 Points You Should Follow

Point 1 - Respect Your Fellow Owner - I know there is a segment of fantasy baseball owners who feel they should start with a low ball offer. Personally if you are in a competitive league I don't see how you can expect a low offer to be accepted or close to being accepted. Furthermore, a vast majority of owners get very upset and insulted when you present with them a low ball offer. Also, not only will they not accept the offer most likely they will not counter back with a dialogue and in the future they will remember your poor offer and say to themselves... why am I going to contact that owner? Knowing this always send an offer that you can honestly say is at least fair.

Point 2 - Does the owner like your players? Has he communicated to you in the past... "I really like so & so?" Or has the owner had the player you are offering in the past and did that player do well for that owner? If you got the player in the most recent draft was that owner in the bidding towards the end? Did you outbid him in the end? Again the reason I am asking these questions is because if we can establish the other owner at least likes the player or players we are offering we are heading in the right direction in perhaps getting a deal done.

Point 3 - The Smell Test - Before sending the offer over to that particular owner review it one final time and ask yourself does it pass the smell test. Well, the trade works for me but how does it work for the other owner. Now everyone has different values on players and opinions and different philosophies on putting their team together. Having said that, if you can look at the offer and honestly say hey he may not do this deal or it may need to be tweaked etc but can say this is a fair offer then it's passed the smell test.

Point 4 - When the owner gets back to you and let's say declines the offer, try to establish a dialogue and find out why they turned down the deal and see if it's possible to change some of the parameters around to get it done. You need to effectively communicate to get deals done.

Point 5 - Always keep it friendly and positive. Good attitude and comradely helps gets deals done in my experience.

Final Point - Even if you cannot get a deal done and if you've followed these 5 points, the next go around with that same owner on a possible trade could work to your advantage. You have already established a positive rapport and given yourself a better chance to get a deal done.

NL King - C.Lizza

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