Thursday, April 29, 2010

NL King - "Be Who You Are" and Quick Hits

I have noticed in the past that many owners who have had their fantasy teams get off to slow starts, are sometimes very quick to pull a trade to wake up their team. Making the right trade for your team of course is a good move anytime. If you have depth in one area and you can pull a trade and get equal value to help another area that makes sense. But remember, "be who you are".

I am a big fan of the New York Jets and last off-season Coach Rex Ryan said we are going to "be who we are" when we take the field. What Rex Ryan meant by that is, the Jets were a running team that played good defense and put pressure on the quarterback and he said that's how we are going to play. So why do I bring this up in terms of your fantasy baseball team? Well, you have to remember the game plan you had putting together your team and what it's strengths are. So far instance, if your team is off to a slow start because you have a number of good hitters struggling you do not trade a strong starting pitcher because guys like Jason Bay or Brandon Phillips or Hunter Pence are off to slow starts and wreck one of your biggest strengths of your team. If you need help on hitting or pitching look to find a deal where you can get a $10 - $15 player who has some upside for an equivalent player in area where you have depth. However, you do not trade the core of your team due to slow starts. Remember be who you are and be patient.

Quick Hits:
- Ted Lilly showed that he had no rust at all in his 1st start of the season last weekend. He is so under rated in my opinion especially in an NL only league.
- Sounds like Carlos Beltran won't be ready until the all-star break

- Chris Young of SD had a setback in a different area of that shoulder. As a Chris Young owner (I had him at $1) I was hoping for 130 good IP this year. Don't expect more than that and quite frankly I would settle for 100 IP at this point.
- Trevor Hoffman is getting killed. Hoffman has already blown as many saves this year as he did last year (4) and more alarming is in just little under a month Hoffman has given up 6 HR. The Brewers are standing by him and quite frankly they need Hoffman to make it work. The Brewers do not have a Mike Adams or Luke Gregerson setting up as San Diego does so that gives Hoffman a touch of breathing room. However he has to settle down and settle down soon. As a Hoffman owner, I am very concerned because at his age and velocity he has to hit his spots and mix up his pitches well. If Hoffman doesn't do that he is going to get hit. If you are a Hoffman owner hopefully like me you have Latroy Hawkins if this is indeed the beginning of the end for Trevor. Now the Brewers have not said who it would be if they would make a switch who knows could be Todd Coffey or Carlos Villanueva or who knows else. But keep in mind the Brewers gave Hawkins a nice contract in the off-season (7.5 Million over 2 years) and remember Hawkins has the most experience in that bullpen besides Hoffman and probably most importantly Hawkins closed for close to 2 months for the Astros last year while Jose Valverde was injured and did a real good job. As a Hoffman owner let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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