Saturday, April 03, 2010

N.L. King - Checking out the MASH Unit on the Big NL Players to start the Year

There are a number of excellent to really good players who will start the year on the DL in the National League. Let's take a quick look at these players, again the list is in alphabetical order. With injuries, always be conservative in terms of time frame of players coming back....

Joe Blanton - Just came down with an oblique injury. Oblique's are tricky injuries, they are slow healing and if you come back just a little to quick you can re-injury it again. Same can be said for groins and any muscle pulls. Word is Blanton will be out 3 to 6 weeks which means figure at least end of April and maybe he wont make his 1st start to early May.

Carlos Beltran - Word is he is progressing really well from his knee surgery. When the surgery happened in late January I think the Mets would have signed off on Beltran coming back Memorial Day weekend. I heard recently on a local NY radio station that Beltran could be back in early May. However be conservative and plan for late May.

Lance Berkman - Keep in mind Berkman just had knee surgery so I thought it was to optimistic to expect Berkman to be ready opening day. Berkman just had a little setback and will start the year on the DL. I would say expect Berkman back late April - early May.

Brad Lidge - Lidge has not come along as fast as he would like with his off-season surgeries. Lidge just had a cortisone shot which is worrisome. Be very careful and temper your bidding.

Ted Lilly - Progressed nicely from his off-season surgery word is Lilly could be back in late April.

Brandon Lyon - He got off to a slow start in the spring and is a little behind the other pitchers so he may not start the year as the closer. Astros also have Matt Lindstrom although seems hard to believe that the Astros would give Lyon a 3 year deal for $15 million dollars to be a setup man.

Russell Martin - Word now is he could be ready for opening day but remember he is coming back from a groin injury. That and the added weight he put on probably means Martin's stolen bases will be very limited the first couple of months of the season.

Jose Reyes - He starts the year on the DL but he could be activated as early as April 10th. Remember the Mets are going to be cautious with Reyes stealing to start the year.

Houston Street - The MRI came back clean but it's a slow go for Street and now they are saying he won't be back until sometime in May. The Rockies just signed Street in the off-season to a 3 yar deal for 22 million so they will be cautious.

Brandon Webb - Supposedly Webb just got a positive report although he won't be back until sometime in May as well. Remember last year Webb kept getting pushed back. How can you not be concerned at this point after what Webb went through last year.

NL King - C.Lizza

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