Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fantasy Man - Being Sneaky

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, or Droid?? Looking for a great Fantasy Baseball application?? Let me know what you have, what you'd want in an app and how much you'd pay for it! Please email me at fantasymanshow at aol dot com. I just want to see if I am on the same page as you guys! I'm looking to re-invent The Fantasy Man brand and a mobile app just might be the answer. Thanks for taking the time.

Anyway, being sneaky is cool. Raise your hand if you love being the guy to pick up a player before he gets hot! How about being the guy who picked up Big Papi on Sunday to start at DH this week? I did!! YAY! Below are a few players to help your fantasy team whoo look like their ready to break out at least over the next 2-3 weeks. This is your chance to be sneaky...

1. Cody Ross - .461 in last 26 AB... you know how streaky this guy gets.
2. Nate McLouth - Batting .381 in his last 21AB with 1HR, 4RBI, 1SB.
3. David Ortiz - Batting .416 with 4HR and 10 RBI last 7 games and will still end up with 25+HR despite his bad April.

4. Alcides Escobar - Batting .363 in last 22AB with 1HR and 1SB.
5. Travis Snider - Just landed on the DL with a wrist injury, not too serious though and should be back in a week or so. Pick him up and stash. He was an HR Machine this past week.
6. Rajai Davis - 7 hits last 18 AB....remember how hot he got last season??
7. Mike Napoli - .333 last 18 AB with a HR.
8. Eric Hinske - .400+ and 2HR last 19 AB with more playing time (See NL King's last post)
9. Will Venable - Was a HR away from the cyle last night but sits against tough lefties.
10. Cameron Maybin - 2HR and 10 RBI in last 7 games. He's got the body to be a big time player, maybe this is a sign of whats to come...

Hot Streaks you may have missed...
Luke Scott - 4 HR last 7 games
Brennan Boesch - Could be a solid player if he stays when Guillen returns
Lyle Overbay - 2HR/6RBI last 7 games... don't get too excited
Ty Wiggington - Does he have like 25HR already? He's been unbelievable. I just don't see it continuing
Jose Bautista - Showing power but he's batting under .250 and playing way over his head
Jeff Francis and Edwin Encarnacion - Don't set yourself up for disappointment

The Fantasy Man

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