Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NL King - 1st Week of May Thoughts

- You know Nate McLouth has really struggled going back to the 2nd half of last year including a brutual spring. I am not saying to give up on him but it's a concern.

- I know Troy Glaus is off to a slow start but keep in mind power hitters are usually streaky and remember Glaus missed all of 2009 so it makes sense that the beginning of 2010 would be slow start for him.

- Jurrjens went out this week with a hamstring injury. I remember Brian Cashman talking about pitchers with hamstring or groin injuries it's usually a 1 month lay off and that's if everything goes well.

- Derek Lowe off to a brutual start despite the 3 wins. I can't believe he has walked 16 in 28 innings.

- Chris Coghlan I know is off to a slow start but the kind of hitter Coghlan is a line drive machine he will catch fire. Be patient.

- I know Rod Barajas has 5 HR and may hit around 20 again like last year but he will murder your average. Barajas hit .219 last year and is hitting .227 so far this year.

- Niese of the Mets has to get his walks down to stay later in games so he can be in line for the win not to mention not to kill his roto owners ratio.

- Imagine what Drew Stubbs can do when he starts hitting? Hitting .186 but has 1HR, 7RBI, 15R & 7 SB.

- If Homer Bailey doesn't turn it around soon Mr. Chapman will take his spot sometime this month.

- Despite reports by some media outlets the GM of the Cubs claims that Starlin Castro is not going to be called up anytime soon. Will see I can see a June callup in the offering.
- If Mike Stanton keeps dominating for the Marlins in the minors he could be up by late June.

- Mr.Dotel better start throwing some zero's soon because Evan Meek is performing like he can do the closers job

- Brad Hawpe sounds like he will come off the DL the 1st day he is eligible on May 10th. If Eric Young Jr stays hot will he put Clint Barmes on the bench?

- Remember Kelly Johnson owners even Johnson's good years like 2008 he was very streaky.

- Furcal's hamstring is very concerning because due to his age and past assortment of injuries he could pretty much shut down his running game (8 steals already, remember he only had 12 all of last year) to make sure he doesn't re-injury himself.

- JA Happ had a bad bullpen session on Friday may not be off the DL until towards the end of May.

- Houston Street could be closing for the Rocks come mid May if all goes well
NL King - C. Lizza

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