Sunday, May 30, 2010

NL King - Buster Posey's Time Has Arrived

I am somewhat surprised by the news yesterday on Saturday the 29th that the Giants have called up Buster Posey. Not from an offensive stand point as the Giants need all the help they can get and Posey numbers in AAA have been great (6HR, 32RBI, 31R, 1SB, .349 Avg, .442 OBP, also has 13 2B & 2 3B in 208 Plate Appearances), but Posey has a lot work to do on his defensive game. The game plan was for Posey to be the opening day catcher for the Giants come 2011 and for many years after that. That development does not sound like it will happen now. The plan is for Posey to play 1B, Sandoval obviously will play all his games at 3B and Aubrey Huff will have to play in the outfield.

What does this mean for fantasy baseball owners and what can we expect from Posey? Posey is a solid hitter BUT Posey is not projected to be a big Home Run guy nor does he steal anymore than the occasion base (last 2 years in the minors 7 steals). Posey should help owners in terms of batting average, runs and RBI's with some Home Runs. Posey will start his run as eligible at catcher and should pick up 1B eligbility immediately in some leagues. I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find in the NL good numbers at catcher. What concerns me about Posey is the Giants are so starved for offense I have to wonder if Posey will feel a lot of pressure to produce at a high level immediately. When guys press good things do not happen.

Having said all that Posey can help your team but don't expect him to be a savior just yet.

NL King - C.Lizza

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