Friday, May 21, 2010

NL King - Quick Hits

- Don't be so concerned where you are in the standings right now as much as where you are in the categories. If you low in a category in points but very close to a lot of teams in terms of passing them then that's a okay. You might want to try and add a player to help you in those specific categories. The big concern is being low in a certain category and being way behind everyone else especially the percentage categores in average, ERA & Ratio.

- Brandon Webb is now changing his arm slot after consulting with Dr.James Andrews. This kind of reworking and adjustments to Webb's mechanics just makes you wonder when and if he will pitch for Arizona this year. Realistic how can we expect to be a front end starter this year or going forward? I hate to say it but Webb's career maybe be over.

- Speaking of careers being over, same might be true for Trevor Hoffman. I drafted Hoffman when he first came up with San Diego and I was lucky enough to own him the first few years of his career. I recently got Hoffman back last seaosn and he was great. However this year he has gotten torched. Sounds like the Brewers are going to give him one last chance. Hoffman has blown 5 saves out of 10 chances and has been smoked in those outings. It's not like Hoffman was throwing 95 last year but he must be ahead of hitters, mix up his pitches well and hit his spots. As a Trevor Hoffman owner this year I feel your pain. After Hoffman blew another save earlier this week I was able to get a trade done in my league and land Carlos Villanueva. It seems that Hoffman will get one last chance to show he can still be the closer. On Thursday May 20th in his 1st save chance Villanueva came through and quite frankly has been the Brewers best bullpen arm this year (one of the best arms period along with Gallardo) and with his pitches being a strikeout guy it makes him a natural choice to be the next closer for the Brewers. Through Thursday May 20th Villanueva has a 2.91 ERA with a 1.01 Ratio with 27K's in 21 2/3 IP. Mr Hells Bells is on his last chance I hope he comes through as both a roto owner and a MLB fan.

- Is Casey McGehee the next Ryan Ludwick kind of late bloomer?

- This could be Manny Ramirez last year as well. He seems very brittle this year and quite frankly how much is his heart really in it? You never know with Manny

- So many big hitters are waiting to catch fire. Again it's a long season.

- Since Nate McLouth has left the Pirates and put on a Braves uniform he has been terrible. Very odd.

NL King - C.Lizza

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