Sunday, May 09, 2010

NL King - Starlin Castro

The Cubs have called up their top prospect Shortstop Starlin Castro (turned 20 at the end of March) and got off to a great start in Cincinnati.

In 26 games in AA Tennessee Castro is hitting .376 with a .421 OBP. Castro has 8 doubles, 5 triples & 1 home run. Castro also has scored 20 runs and driven in 20 runs. In terms of stolen bases Castro has 4 steals in 9 attempts.

Analysis: Castro is one of the top prospects in baseball as Baseball America has Castro ranked as the 16th best prospect with their new top 100 listing that came out at the end of February. Castro ceiling is one where he will be a leadoff hitter that will hit over .300 with 30 to 40 steals and hit in the mid teens regarding home runs. In terms of what to expect for the rest of 2010? As stated up top Castro just turned 20 so he is very young. Think about he was a teenager 6 weeks ago. While Castro has a big ceiling right now while he has dominated hitting wise at AA with a .376 average Castro only has 1 HR & 4 SB in 9 attempts. Furthermore Castro in 995 career minor league AB's has 9HR & 51 SB (69% success rate for his minor career). The Cubs did not bring up Castro unless he was going to play every day. I would imagine Pinella will bat Castro either 1st or 2nd and eventually Castro will stay as the leadoff hitter. I believe Castro can help NL owners for the rest of this year, the kid can hit. But do not expect those high ceiling projections that mentioned before this season. Castro should give you some steals, a few home runs and some runs batted in. Where I think Castro will make a really good impact this year is batting average and runs scored. If you can get Castro in your free agency and or waiver wire by all means do it but don't expect Castro to be a roto hitting savior.

Fantasy - I know Castro had a huge debut Friday night with a couple of hits including a HR, run scored and 6 RBI. But guys remember, it's just one game. Like I said, although Castro has a high ceiling remember he is a kid who just turned 20 so expect decent production out of Castro this year. If you have to put in waiver requests, his price will be slightly inflated thanks to the 6 RBI night. if you can grab him for a reasonable price, go for it, but I wouldn't be throwing $20+ with a $100 FAAB budget!

NL King - C.Lizza

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