Sunday, June 13, 2010

NL King - If You Have A Chance You Must Go For It

I have written a couple of articles over the Memorial Day Weekend talking about should a team rebuild and if so the ultimate game plan. Now let's look at the other end of spectrum. If you have a solid squad and have a realistic chance or even an outside chance (anywhere from one to three to five) to win your league the NL King says you have to go for it.
Being in a 10 to 14 team league it is very hard to win your league. Those opportunities to win your league don't happen every year and sometimes it's once in a few years even when you make a lot of good moves. Sometimes you can make good moves and they don't work out. To have championship squad you need all the stars to align regarding your team in terms of offense (both speed and power) & pitching (both starters & relievers). As great as it is to have fantastic keepers the bottom line is their is no better glory than winning your league. In 2008 the last year I won my league I had to trade away Edison Volzquez (1), Josh Johnson (2), Andrew McCutchen (1), Ryan Ludwick (5), Jair Jurgens (2) & Justin Upton (10) to name a few to make the improvements to my team and win the league. I literally won my league that year by 9 RBI & 5 Wins. I won it be the skin of my teeth.
I know it's hard to trade great keepers but again there is no gurantee what anyone will do next year and beyond. Injuries happen, bad years happen, in NL only league a guy can get traded to the American League for instance. A lot can happen so when the opportunity arises Carpe Diem my friends.
Now having said that, you don't trade great keepers to slightly improve your team. You trade great keepers to signifcantly improve your team in the categories that can help you the most. So if your team is in that position this year, go for it. Because, like I said more times than not, the stars won't align for a championship. Take my team this year in my 12 team NL only league. I have 4 elite players in Tulowitzki, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Haren & Adam Wainwright. Only Wainwright is playing like an elite player. Throw in the fact Trevor Hoffman and my insurance policies of LaTroy Hawkins & Ryan Madson blew up & Dexter Fowler struggled and is now in the minors you can see how my team is looking at rebuilding for next year. Now all the players I mentioned are either great or at least good players and in terms of Hoffman I had insurance. It still did not work out. If those guys stats were what they did last year I would be challenging for 1st place this year. But that's not how it works unfortunately for me.
SEIZE THE DAY !!!!!!!!!!

Jose Tabata Quick Hit - Can help your team in SB, R & Average especially. Top 100 prospect for the least few years for the Pirates (part of Nady & Marte trade between the Yanks & Pirates) has hit a career .297 in 6 seasons in the minors, has 106 steals in that time (including 25 this year) however the power has yet to come as Tabata only has 29 HR in 6 minor league seasons. His power can still come and Tabata has always been considered a 5 tool prospect. For instance, Don Mattingly never hit more than 12 HR in a minor league season. Tabata can help your team and maybe be able to get him quietly through free agency as he has a lot less fanfare than Strasburg & Stanton.

NL King - C.Lizza

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