Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NL King - Players I Be Worried About


Lance Berkman - Hou - Between getting older (now 34) and being on an awful team I be worried about his production. If you can get decent numbers from Berkman the rest of the way take it and run.

Yuneal Escobar - Atl - This guy has all the tools but can't put it together and has drove Bobby Cox & the Braves brass crazy. He is too good to play like this.

Rafael Furcal - LA - Between him getting older, coming off another leg injury I wouldn't expect more than nice contributions the rest of the way and don't expect a lot of steals.

Chipper Jones - Atl - My all time favorite NL player. Hate to say this as he is just wearing down. He is still capable of a hot month if his body can cooperate. Again take decent numbers and be happy with that.

Raul Ibanez - Phil - He just turned 38 and watching him against the Yankees this week Yankee Announcer Paul O'Neill kept saying Ibanez is so pull happy now. Wasn't like that before. I know he is 38 but the guy is in great shape and one would think with that lineup & ballpark Ibanez can be a solid player. Ibanez has always been great one half and quiet the other hope that trend continues although Ibanez has struggled since last year's all - star break.

Nate McLouth - Atl - Just landed on the DL and since becoming a Brave has been beyond awful. He is just hitting .177 this year. Maybe the Pirates knew what they were doing when they traded him.

Bengie Molina - SF - Every year Molina put up solid numbers and for catcher they were even better. But every year you kept reading that Molina has a bad body in terms of being an athlete and one year it's just going to go. Looks like this is the year.

Dan Haren - Arz - This guys has ace stuff but when you give up 18 Home Runs in less than half a season you are going to have big issues. Arizona needs a shakeup.

Wandy Rodriguez - Hou - He has had an awful year with 5.60 ERA & 1.67 Ratio. This is a guy who the last 2 years has had solid to great years. The fact the team is a mess doesn't help things.

NL King - C.Lizza

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