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The Fantasy Man - 2010 Second Half Players

This 2010 fantasy baseball season has been a complete disaster for most of us! I'm willing to bet that if you thought you drafted a great team, you're probably stuck in the gutter a la Joe Mauer, Jimmy Rollins, Adam Lind, Nate McLouth, etc., the list goes on as you go down the draft list.

Quick example, I drafted a team in a work league we created. Lots of trash talk as you can imagine but here's what I drafted with the 10th pick in this ten team league...... Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, Pablo Sandoval, Adam Lind, Jason Bay.  Throw in a pitching staff that included Rich Harden, Gavin Floyd, Trevor Hoffman and Scott Feldman on the back end. Throw in some role players like Nyjer Morgan, and Alcides Escobar and you have a recipe for disaster. We have Howard and Fielder off to a slow start in the power departments and all of the hitters listed above got off to such terrible starts that the hole I have to crawl out of is insane. Put it like this, in a 10 team work league, we have maybe 5 managers actually checking their teams and making moves currently. Not only that, these are the only 5 teams that did not draft by auto draft!  It's been a disaster. These players and their bad starts created such a hole, it's been close to impossible to climb out. But its a marathon, not a sprint. I just crept into 6th place with 50 roto points. The next 3 teams are all in the 60-65 point range and the 1st place team is in the 80's. So I have a chance.

Anyway, below are some players I love for the second half. I tend to look at the players that I not only feel "should" have a better second half, but players who I feel can't do anything else but a better second half. Seriously, when you look at this list, you have to wonder .... there's no way this guy can finish the year batting .200. These are the players I'm concentrating on in trades and the waiver wire.

Aramis Ramirez - Currently hitting .195. Ugh! Can anyone see him finishing the year batting .200? I don't. He's always been a one half guy anyway. When he gets hot, he's insane. He's got 10 hits in his last 8 games including 3 HR in that span. I'd say the time is now.
Gordon Beckham - Talk about a first half bust!  He's had a few extra days off before the break here but this is about where he came up last year and took off. What this guy really needs is girl! Yeah, maybe just have him run up to Canada for a weekend and grab himself a few hot Vancouver escorts!  Then get him back down here after the break ready to play! Beckham has multi positional eligibility so he has value when he's hitting. Big risk here but you can buy super low!

Pablo Sandoval - This guy hit .330/25/90 last year and is currently sitting at .270/6/34. That's ugly. However, what's intriguing is that in 326 AB, Sandoval only has 45 K's. That means he's making contact. Maybe it's bad luck, maybe it's the lack of lineup protection and good pitches to hit. Either way, he's turns 25 next month and still hasn't seen that hot streak yet this year. It'll come. He's cheap now.

Adam Lind - Raise your hand if you spent a 3rd or 4th round pick in this dud?  Yeah I know. You were thinking .300/30/100 weren't you? Yeah me too. Instead, we've got .207/11/38 at the break. Good news is he's hit 2HR in the last 4 games but the bad news is he is 2 for 12 in that span. I'm not sure what's up with this guy but he was a consistent .300 hitter in the minors with plenty of time to turn it around. Let this guy get some rest and stash him going into the second half and if he strings a few quality multi hit games together, get him activated. Maybe we should send him up to Canada with Gordie!

So that's four quality hitters you can grab on the cheap that should end the season above .240 or so and even .270+ if they get super duper hot. It's a risk but they won't cost much.  Some other potential second half players include Raul Ibanez, Carlos Quentin (on a current tear), Jason Bay, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard (more power), Tommy Hanson, John Lackey, and Gavin Floyd all showing signs.

So even for players I haven't listed, once you see a player string 2-3 multi hit games together, you might want to get them activated to catch that hot streak. Just make sure you make these guys show you something before you take a chance and activate them. Good luck.

The Fantasy Man

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