Sunday, July 25, 2010

NL King - Dan Haren Traded to the Angels

Finally, an NL King article! I might have a bunch for you guys between now and next Saturday the 31st on trades that effect NL fantasy baseball, so stay tuned. This afternoon it was annouced the Arizona Diamondbacks sent starting pitcher Dan Haren and his salary to the Los Angeles Angels for Joe Saunders, Patrick Corbin, Rafael Rodriguez & a player to be named later.

Sounds like the key to this deal is the player to be named later. By all indications it sounds like one of Anaheim's top prospects, but supposedly it is not outfielder Mike Trout (Baseball America just released their updated summer top 25 prospects and Mike Trout was ranked #2). However, Arizona, according to one article, is estatic over getting this player. They better be because the rest of the package doesn't overwhelm you. I have no clue why this player is not annouced yet but I will write an article on the player once it is annouced.

Joe Saunders is coming of the last 2 seasons of 16 & 17 wins. But that was a division winning Angel team. Now he goes to the last place D-Backs and while going to the NL should help Saunders ERA, nothing jumps out at you about Saunders other than his wins. He is roughly a 100K per 200 IP K guy, who has had an ERA between the high 3's & mid 4's and this year has a terrible ratio. What is weird is Saunders who will be an arbtrattion guy after the season should do very well there (make 6 to 7 million a season). But that's real life for fantasy baseball persepctive if all goes well he can be a low double digit Win guy with an ERA around 4, a ratio in the mid to high 1.3's and a little over 100K's for the season. If you have a 6 man staff for your NL team at best Saunders would be your #5 starter.

Patrick Corbin is a starting pitching prospect who is just 21 and in high A so it will be a while before we see him. Rafael Rodriguez probably heads to Arizona's bullpen as he appeared in 18 games for the Angels last year and was nothing to write home about. But with everything up for grabs in the Arizona bullpen I guess you never know.

Seems like the Angels got Dan Haren very cheap, the D-Backs better be right about this player to be named later.

NL King - C.Lizza

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