Friday, August 27, 2010

NL King - Reviewing Stephen Strasburg's MLB Season + September Call-ups

It's been a while fellas, between work and working on my tennis game I haven't been writing a lot of articles since the trade deadline. So we come back with an article today on Strasburg and potential September call-ups. For all of you with chances to win your leagues or finish in the money do everything you can between now and the end of the season to pick up as much stats as you can while protecting your percentage categories (Avg, ERA & Ratio).

Stephen Strasburg:
While Strasburg only had 11 starts for the Nats this summer he did not disappoint other than the fact he only made 11 starts. In those starts, Strasburg had 5W, 2.97 ERA, 1.115 Ratio, 86K (vs 17 walks) in 63 2/3 IP. Strasburg showed he can be an ace next season, obviously pitching for a last place club in the Nats will hurt Strasburg wins. Strasburg showed polish and poise with four nasty pitches which he throws for strikes. As long as he stays healthy, and he had a couple of red flags this summer with the shoulder and now the forearm, Strasburg will be a huge pitcher starting next year and years to come. The problem will be because of the hype and enormous potential starting with next years draft you will always have to overpay to land Starsburg in your NL only draft.

September Potential Call-Ups to Watch Out for:
If you are in keeper leagues keep an eye on the following guys if the get called up in September as potential cheap keepers for 2011 (if you can grab them off your waiver wire - free agency for cheap dollars do it). The players to watch out for are: Aroldis Chapman (Cinn, SP), Freddie Freeman (Atl, 1B), Brett Lawrie (Mil, 2B), Jordan Lyles (Hou, SP), Yunesky Maya (Wsh, SP) & Wilson Ramos (Wsh, C).
This Off-Season from the NL King:
This will be my last article until after labor day but I should have a couple of September articles for the home stretch. This off-season I plan to have a bunch of articles to get you guys ready for 2011 season. Have a lot of articles planned and looking forward to writing them.

NL King - C.Lizza

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