Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NL King - The End is Near!

National League Only Fantasy Baseball advice is coming to a close from the NL King for 2010! At this point there is very little left to be said. If your team is still in contention for a championship or a money spot, do what's necessary to accumulate stats while protecting your percentage categories (Average, ERA & Ratio). For those of you who rebuilt like myself, I feel your pain. It didn't happen for me this year but 2011 looks very good as I landed in rebuilding trades....  Andrew McCutchen who is signed at $11 for both 11 & 12, Carlos Gonzalez who is signed next year at $7, Clayton Kershaw who is signed next year at $11, Tyler Colvin who I have at $3 and also got Evan Meek who is at $5 & Jason Motte who is at $2 could be cheap closers for me next year. These players along with the following players who I already had in Miguel Montero ($18), Freddie Freeman ($9), Marlon Byrd ($16), Dexter Fowler (signed for next year at $6) & Luke Gregerson ($4) and I have a very strong keeper list heading into my 2011 draft I believe. 

In terms of the off-season, I believe everyone should take about 6 weeks off from fantasy baseball once the season ends. While fantasy baseball is great and a lot of fun everyone needs a break and this way you can come back all fired up for 2011. You should start to see my off-season articles early to mid November along with The Fantasy Man's Podcasts. My goal is to make them better than last year and give all you guys and girls as many good nuggets of information as possible. I have a lot planned and there will be at least an article a week in the off-season come mid November all the way to the end of spring training.

It's been a pleasure and joy writing these articles in 2010 and I look forward to the off-season articles as well. Enjoy the finish of your season and I wish everyone all the luck in the world.

NL King - C.Lizza

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