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The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Rankings

The Fantasy Man's free fantasy baseball advice offering 2011 fantasy baseball second base 2B rankings. . After my top 6 every player listed is a question mark for sure. I like Gordon Beckham, Sean Rodriguez, Neil Walker and Eric Young Jr. to emerge but they're just so risky. This might be one of those years where even The Fantasy Man has to go for position scarcity in the first 2-3 rounds! Listen to The Fantasy Man Show 2B Rankings Podcast by clicking the arrow below.

2011 Second Base Rankings:
1. Robinson Cano - 2011 Batting Champion
2. Chase Utley - If healthy, should get back to the usual .300/30/100/100/15
3. Dustin Pedroia - Should be back healthy
4. Ian Kinsler - 9 HR and 15 SB was a nice BUST season, but if he's healthy, he'll be a great value
5. Dan Uggla - 30+ HR machine, increased BA last season and was a bit more consistent
6. Brandon Phillips - 20/20 or 30/30? Probably closer to 20/20 with a crap shoot in the BA and RBI departments
7. Brian Roberts - Battle injury all year, big bounce back coming for a veteran player you can rely on
8. Rickie Weeks - Finally broke out last season, look to build on that but high K's means low BA
9. Martin Prado - High BA is attractive
10. Gordon Beckham - So young and talented, will quietly take a huge step forward this season
11. Ben Zobrist - Huge BUST lasy year, multi-position eligibility plus high OBP potential makes Zobrist serviceable
12. Aaron Hill - BA should increase, power is legit but last year was a huge BUST so he's risky
13. Chone Figgins - Stolen base machine, you'll get the same stats you get every year
14. Howie Kendrick - He is what he is, look at teh stats the last few years
15. Kelly Johnson - Has BUST written all over him
16. Eric Young Jr. - Sleeper for big time SB's and a decent BA
17. Neil Walker - If he stays on the same path, he should build on 2010 success
18. Sean Rodriquez - Has 15/15 potential, multi-position eligible but not sure he is dependable enough to be an everyday player
19. Jed Lowrie - Hit 9 HR in 350+AB last season and has 2B/SS eligibility, nice SLEEPER
20. Freddie Sanchez - Serviceable for BA and 75+RBI in a full season
21. Danny Espinoza - Could be a nice 20+SB guy with a few dingers sprinkled in
22. Dustin Ackley - Top prospect, watch his development through spring training, could make the big splash by midseason
23. Tsuyoshi Nishioka - Batted .293 in Japan, probably will lack power, BA is a crap shoot in America
24. Mike Aviles - Serviceable for deep leagues but doesn't do enough of any one thing to get excited about
25. Omar Infante - Can hit for BA but lacks power and speed
26. Orlando Hudson - Great defense doesn't count in fantasy, scores runs, solid OBP
27. Jose Lopez - Fell off the map in 2010 but is 26 years old so we could see a break out....or not
28. Ryan Theriot - .280/20+SB but he's light hitting as well
29. Jeff Keppinger - Are you really drafting these guys after the top 22? Seriously...
30. Blake DeWitt - Light hitting NL Only option
31. Luis Castillo - Can steal 15-20 bases if he gets a chance to play everyday somewhere
32. Daniel Murphy - Could steal Castillo's spot with a solid spring. Defense blows but he can hit

Fantasy Man 2B Sleepers:
Eric Young Jr - It's possible I ranked him too high and not sure he can sustain a .270 ish BA but he definitely has 40+ SB potential and that's what your drafting him for. However, if you stretch, you may regret it.
Dustin Ackley - He's got big time talent in the Seattle Mariner system and there can be a spot for him out of spring training. Or, he comes up mid-year. Either way, Ackley could be an Utley/Kinsler/Pedroia type player meaning he posseses all the tools.
Jose Lopez - WOW! This guy fell off the face of the earth last year and Seattle declined his option. Whether he ends up back in Seattle or somewhere else, if he plays everyday, could be a huge super sleeper but its a crap shoot!

Fantasy Man 2B Busts:
Aaron Hill - In 2009, Hill broke out with a huge season and he was consistent with his HR from month to month which made us believe he was legit for a nice 2010 season. Nope. Instead, Hill was a bust.  Actually, he was a consistent bust.... consistent at not hitting all season! Throw in a few dingers here and there and you have Aaron Hill's season. I';m not sure what some people are getting so excited about this year. Maybe he has a slight bounce back but if he hits 20 HR and .250+ that would be a bounce back for me.
Ben Zobrist - See Aaron Hill. Zobrist came out and was also consistent at not hitting. Actually, he had some base hits here and there, walked a ton and stole a few bases but that's about it. Not quite what you'd expect out of your 5th round draft pick in 2010 after hitting 25+HR in 2009. So what to expect in 2011? Probably the same that you got in 2010 but hopefully your nabbing Zobrist after the 12th round instead of the 5th round.  I'm not sure I see any kind of huge bounce back. Everyone is expecting the bounce back and when that doesn't happen, he's busted!

The Fantasy Man's 2011 2B Strategy:
Now that I have written all of this out, I might have to ensure that I grab one of my top 8 early in the draft or close to where the ADP dictates. There's a good chance I drop a power guy early and grab Cano/Utley/Pedroia instead in one of the first 2 rounds. This position is so weak it makes me just want to skip over it. It's one of the least exciting positions to draft in fantasy baseball history.  If I am looking late however, I am hoping Gordon Beckham drops, Eric Young Jr, drops or Chone Figgins drops and maybe I use 2B as a position to stock up on that one category like SB's.  I just don't want to be in a position where I have to draft a guy who doesn't do any one thing well like a Mike Aviles, Orlando Hudson, Omar Infante, etc.

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