Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NL King - Maximizing Your Keeper List

Welcome to the off-season everyone! Fantasy baseball advice at Fantasy Baseball Express is back nice and early this year as we're kicking off the 2011 fantasy baseball season right here and now! You can't start researching early enough! I hope to provide a lot of insightful articles and nuggets of information for you this off-season. The first thing you need to do this off-season in regards to a keeper league is to analyze your roster for the best keepers. You have your definite yay's and nay's and then you have guys who are on the fence that you have to do some research on in deciding if they are a keeper or not. Keep in mind a guy who is on the fence for you maybe a definite keeper for someone else and hence a great trade chip.

After looking at your possible keepers you can see what strengths you have as we march towards draft day and what you need to put together a contending team for 2011. Also you can see how your draft dollars look heading into the draft. You want to be in good shape with your draft dollars so you can attack the draft and take advantage of draft day opportunities. Strong draft day purchasing power gives you more choices & flexability and puts you in a better position to have a great draft.

You need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the draft and how that fits with your team. If, for instance, your team needs are steals and saves and the draft is loaded in that regard, your in good shape. However, if it's the opposite, you need to go shopping via the trade market in the off-season to address these areas. It is not a good situation to go into a draft where you have big needs in certain area's and the draft has limited number of players that fit these needs. That's how you way over pay on draft day for players and how you over reach for players on draft day.
So again your off-season trades should address areas your team needs help in and where the draft has limitations. Also you need to do the exercise and try to predict all of the other teams in your league their keeper list and therefore their draft day dollars. This will give you an idea of your purchasing power as well as your competitors. In addition you can size up the competition in terms of talent on the players they are protecting. Remember the ideal situation going into a draft is to have a strong and balanced keeper list accompanied with a good amount of draft dollars so you have strong purchasing power come draft day. This is what you should be trying to accomplish this off-season. This is the goal.

NL King - C.Lizza

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