Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Shortstops Rankings

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2011 Fantasy Baseball Shortstops SS Rankings:
1. Hanley Ramirez - He's a crap shoot but I believe we haven't seen his best year yet
2. Jose Reyes - Magic 27, contract year, new coach, a year removed from injury, undervalued, I can smell a breakout
3. Jimmy Rollins - Down year last year, contract year, still has the talent/skills, I sense bounce back
4. Troy Tulowitzski - Take out that torrid September and you have 12HR/55RBI in first 5 months of season
5. Derek Jeter - Don't sleep on Jeter, let him slip into rounds 6-8, snatch him up and laugh your way to a 5x5 roto championship... you can thank me later...
6. Stephen Drew - Still waiting for the break out
7. Rafael Furcal - If healthy, can provide .300/15HR/35SB/100R easy....and that's a big IF
8. Elvis Andrus - Doesn't have the power or the consistency to rank above Jeter or a healthy Furcal
9. Starlin Castro - Sky's the limit with this guy, who knows what to expect but the potential is there. Probably light on power but can provide speed, runs, BA at a weak position
10. Alexei Ramirez - During the season it seems like he's mired in a season long slump but at the end of the year, the stats don't seem to bad. He never K's, is durable, and has 20/15 or even 20/20 potential
11. Yuneal Escobar - This guy fell off the page in 2010 but still has a ton of talent and youth on his side
12. Jed Lowrie - Hit .280/9/24 in 171 AB in 2010, will be on everyone's sleeper list so will probably be slightly overvalued on draft day.
13. Reid Brignac - 6'3", 24 years old, .256/8HR/45RBI/3SB in 301AB, so a full season looks like .260/16HR/90RBI/6SB
14. Ian Desmond - Hit .269/10HR/17RBI in 525AB in rookie season, lots of upside here
15. Juan Uribe - If he qualifies, should be a solid contirbutor but probably won't outperform 2010
16. Jason Bartlett - Probably get closer to 2010 than 2009 in 2011, add in the fact that he's now in San Diego and realize maybe I ranked him too high
17. Marco Scutaro - If he starts, hopefully he gets to hit at the top of the order somewhere
18. J.J. Hardy - Traded to Baltimore, hitters park, still oozes potential, we'll see I guess
19. Jhonny Peralta - More of the same, offers some decent power but consistently disappointing
20. Erick Aybar - offers BA and maybe 15-20SB
21. Alcides Escobar - If he puts it together he could be insane, but probably 1-3 years away from a true break out
22. Asdrubal Cabrera - A solid and serviceable player, hits, scores runs, steals a couple of bases
23. Alex Gonzalez - Usually break out for a HR streak or two for a month out of the season
24. Clint Barmes - Maybe Houston will ressurect his career, if so, 20+HR upside but too inconsistent
25. Danny Espinoza - Hit 18HR/29SB at AFA Potomac in 2009 and hit 6HR in 103 AB with Nats in 2010
26. Miguel Tejada - Power is gone but can still get hits, RBI's, and score runs
27. Mike Aviles - A trendy pick but doesn't offer much power/speed although will finally be healthy in 2011
28. Evereth Cabrera - 2010 draft sleeper did very little but has 30+SB speed if he puts it together
29. Cliff Pennington - 6HR/29SB in 508Ab in 2010, quiet sneaky speed for fantasy owners
30. Alexi Casilla - could hit .280 with 20SB if he sticks to a full-time gig with Hardy gone
31. Yuniesky Betancourt - Light hitter, no power
32. Josh Wilson - Light hitter

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