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The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Rankings

The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Rankings

1. Carl Crawford
2. Carlos Gonzalez
3. Ryan Braun
4. Matt Holliday
5. Josh Hamilton
6. Matt Kemp
7. Andrew McCutchen
8. Nelson Cruz
9. Shin-Soo Choo
10. Jose Bautista
11. Ichiro Suzuki
12. Alex Rios
13. Andre Ethier
14. Hunter Pence
15. Justin Upton
16. Jayson Werth
17. Jay Bruce
18. Colby Rasmus
19. Jason Heyward
20. Mike Stanton
21. Jacoby Ellsbury
22. Grady Sizemore
23. Carlos Quentin
24. Nick Markakis
25. Corey Hart
26. Chris B. Young
27. Curtis Granderson
28. Adam Jones
29. Vernon Wells
30. Delmon Young
31. Torii Hunter
32. Jason Bay
33. Bobby Abreu
34. Austin Jackson
35. Brett Gardner
36. Juan Pierre
37. Carlos Lee
38. Nick Swisher
39. Travis Snider
40. Drew Stubbs
41. B.J. Upton
42. Shane Victorino
43. Carlos Beltran
44. Magglio Ordonez
45. Denard Span
46. Ben Zobrist
47. Ryan Ludwick
48. Michael Bourn
49. Jason Kubel
50. Jose Tabata

Bursting on the Scene: Newcomers ready to make a splash in your fantasy outfield...
Desmond Jennings - A hot spring could land Jennings a starting gig but I'd expect him to be shipped off to AAA first. I've seen one projection on a site giving this guy 48SB? Let's not get too crazy but yes, the talent and the ability is there. The Rays just signed Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez so this guy almost definitely starts out in the minors. When he does make it to the majors, he'll be an impact player and a fantasy stud for years. If you have room to grab and stash, go for it!
Dominic Brown - This guy is a monster in size (6'5" 200lbs) with the speed to go with it. May start out platooning but I can't see that lasting too long. If you're looking for one guy to invest in for the future, this is the guy!
Matt Joyce - Hit 10HR with 40RBI in 216AB. That's what you call production! Joyce is involved in an OF mix which includes Jennings, Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez, Ben Zobrist and B.J. Upton, so who knows where he plays. Joyce has solid power that you don't want to keep out of the lineup, is 26 years old, and with a fantastic opportunity to break out. I love Joyce as a last round sleeper to stash and to hit you 20 + HR over 400+ AB.
Lorenzo Cain - Young speedster who can hit for a decent BA to lead off in KC.
Peter Bourjos - Has quiet 20/20 sleeper potential if he gets a full chance to play. He'll strike out more than Drew Stubbs but he can play defense and should start the season in CF for the Angels.
Cameron Maybin - Traded to the Padres and should have a chance to play CF everyday. He won't rack up HR's but could be a nice source of BA, R, and SB's in the spacious Petco Field.
Michael Brantley - Another speedster who will hit at the top of a young Indians lineup. Could be a 30+SB guy with a solid BA. If you miss on Cain, go with Brantley.
Chris Carter (OAK) - This guy is another monster, but without the speed. Carter will be a 40HR guy at some point soon. The problem is, he's not great defensively and the A's also have Daric Barton at 1B already. On a positive, Barton lacks power which is where Carter can take over. On a negative, the A's signed Hideki Matsui to DH. Overall, all these question marks should allow you to draft Carter in the last round or for a buck at the auction. Stash him away and wait until he gets a full-time chance to hit.

Ready to BREAK OUT: Players ready to be considered...... ELITE...
Andrew McCutchen - Last year some of us predicted 15/30 and we came damn close. I expect about the same this year but with a slightly better BA and OBP and a few more HR. If he does that, or hits the 20+/30+ mark, he'll be considered a superstar. He's so close you can taste it!
Jay Bruce - Started off slow but came on in the second half. Right now Bruce is the ultimate hype machine as every magazine, website, analyst, and blogger is calling him their sleeper. Maybe there is something to that. I'll jump on the bandwagon because this guy can hit. He's a strikeout machine like his buddy Drew and needs to learn how to take a walk but with age comes experience and you should expect Bruce to take a huge leap forward in 2011.
Drew Stubbs - Who doesn't love Drew Stubbs? He's a roto god! Went 22HR/30SB in 514AB but it came at the cost of 168K's and a .255BA. Either way, its the HR/SB combo you want. This guy was stealing 2-3 bases in some games, hitting 2 HR a game at times. He's 6'4" 200lbs, he's fast and he can hit. While all those suckers are overdrafting Bruce, you can slide in halfway through the draft and sneak in Stubbs and be totally happy. Just know you'll have to draft some high BA players earlier but don't sleep on Stubbs. My advice.... pass on Bruce early and grab Stubbs at a better value. If he cuts down on the K's, his BA will go up and maybe he goes 30/30.....
Travis Snider - Snider is a special hitter, 22 years old, and the kind of hitter that only comes a long every once in a while. Last year he hit 14HR in 298 AB which means a full season could net you about 30HR! With the lineup he hits in and Jose Bautista behind him, Snider is set up for a monster year. His biggest issue is injuries and its a bit concerning that at age 22, he's been hurt so much already. Either way, he'll come cheap in the draft (after round 16 most likely) or for under $5 in the auction which both will prove to be great values!

BOOM or BUST:  The question marks....
Jose Bautista - 54HR in 2010!  Laughable! Who seen that coming? The Blue Jays did is you read any interviews from some of the players and coaches before the season actually. His power is legit but Cito Gaston definitely had him up there swinging for the fences. I don't think anyone sees 50+ again this year but 30+ shouldn't be a problem. I say BOOM here.
Ben Zobrist - Comes out of nowhere to hit 27HR in 2009 and then follows it up with 10HR in 2010. Zobrist was so hyped up by fantasy bloggers and websites last year it was sickening. There is still no way Zobrist hits towards those 2010 expectations but I do believe he falls somewhere in the middle of 2009 and 2010. Of course, that's what everyone else is currently saying too. I'm leaning more towards 15HR/20+SB/.265BA so I'm not too convinced 2010 was a fluke. You like the speed, the OBP and the position eligibility and that's where the value lies with Zobrist. Don't stretch here and therefore I'm going BUST.
Carlos Lee - This guy is fantasy mind-boggling. He his 24HR/89RBI in 605AB but with a .246BA?? What's even more interesting is that he only had 59 K's. Throw in the fact that he doesn't walk much and had a .291OBP in 2010 and you looking at a crappy season saved by 24 HR. Lee is still only 34, he makes contact but the low BA and OBP is puzzling. On a good note, he played 20 games at 1B last year so he is now 1B/OF eligible. Now with Lance Berkman gone and only Hunter Pence hitting in front of him, I can't see Lee getting back to form so I have to call this one a BUST too. It's hard to call 24HR/89RBI a bust but this guy was a perennial .290/30/100/15 type of hitter.
Nick Markakis - Anyone see the light at the end of this guy's tunnel yet? Every year a break out is predicted and every year his numbers get worse. I don't get this guy. Somebody get this guy some protection! He's 27 this year and has a nice power bat in Mark Reynolds hitting behind him so hopefully that will help boost Markakis' production. He usually stays healthy and durable, can steal 10-15 bases and hit for a .290+BA so I like Markakis to BOOM in 2011!
B.J. Upton - I so badly want to call him the Rickie Weeks of 2010 but I just can't bring myself to do it. If he slips into say the 10th round of a 12 team roto draft, you might get some good value considering he can steal you 40+ bases. Anything else you get is added gravy. I'm going to BOOM B.J. Upton if you can get him for a decent value.
Jason Bay - Talk about a meltdown. The Mets could have paid me all that money and I would have hit better than this guy! You have to expect a BOOM here. He's too good of a player and I'm sure his pride took a hit after last season. I have to assume he's going to play with a little chip on his shoulder this year. The best part is, Bay can be had for a great value in drafts!
Adam Lind - Thank you Adam Lind for single-handedly ruining many fantasy leagues last year. I assume Lind got homer happy as well and I'm not sure that's his game. I have no idea what to expect from this guy in 2011 and unless he's super cheap, I might pass. BUST.

Back from Injury:  Back to form or waste of a pick?...
Grady Sizemore - If he gets back to form, expect .270/20-25HR/85RBI/90R/15-20SB but hope for more
Carlos Beltran - Will probably lose speed but HR should be in the 30+ range in a contract year!
Nate McLouth - Maybe a last round pick if you want to get cute but I don't see him doing much for your fantasy team unless he earns a starting gig.

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