Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Fantasy Man's 2011 Winter Meetings Fantasy Baseball Podcast

The Winter Meetings are upon us and The Fantasy Man Show podcast is back with all the potential signings, acquisitions and trades and how it effects your fantasy baseball team! Check out the podcast and please drop in with any feedback you might have. Let me know if the sound quality is better that the Extravaganza. I changed a few things so hopefully it sounds better. Also, I had to switch over to a new server so that might effect how you retrieve The Fantasy Man Show. You can still listen to the podcast on the same podcast blog page at http://thefantasyman.libsyn.com/index.php and I am sure the RSS feed is the same. If the podcast doesn't work with the current method you use to retrieve the podcast, please go to the link above and get the RSS feed from there.  Or, listen to the podcast here by clicking the small play button on The Fantasy Man brand badge....

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