Monday, December 20, 2010

NL King - National League Arrivals and Departures

The fantasy baseball off-season has been a blur so far with teams throwing darts all over the place! Finally, the long awaited signing of Cliff Lee took place this week. When the off-season started, who would have guessed that Cliff Lee, now with the Philadelphia Phillies, would have left so much guranteed money on the table? On top of that, who would have guessed that the Phillies would offer $120 million guranteed money to Lee when they already have Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels?

As for Lee, next season I am still expecting an Ace. I know the ballpark is small but being on winning team, Lee should get in the high teens in wins, have an ERA sub 3, and a ratio in the low 1's (walked just 18 batters last year). The only thing Lee hasn't dominated in his career are K's but he had a career high 185 last year so maybe he breaks 200 in 2011. Plus, with having the other guys on the staff should take a ton of pressure off Lee and having played a half season in Philly in 2009, he should be quite comfortable there. Top three NL starters are Roy Halladay, Adam Wainwright and now Cliff Lee.

Orlando Hudson - Signed a 2 year deal with the Padres to be their everyday 2B. Puts up nice numbers but even in an NL only league should pay only single digits on draft day.

Bill Hall - Signs with Houston to become everyday 2B. Had 18HR & 9SB in 344 AB's in Boston last year. Career .250 hitter but for the right price could be a good source of some cheap pop and speed at a position that is some what thin.

Josh Willingham - Leaves the NL and heads to Oakland. Is a solid power bat and serviceable fantasy player late in drafts.

Xavier Nady - Signs with Arizona to play some 1B & OF. If healthy and if he can get some AB's in that park where the ball flies could be a nice depth player for you in 2011.

Kerry Wood - Signs with the Cubs as a setup man. If he is healthy and if he pitches like he did with the Yankees he could be a real good middle man to help with your K's, ERA & Ratio.

Chin Ming Wang - Former back to back 19 game winner signs a 1 year deal with Nats although hasn't pitched in forever, but he is only 30. Could be a great guy to grab on draft day in your reserves - taxi squad portion of the draft.

NL King - C.Lizza

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