Friday, July 09, 2010

How To Make Your Fantasy Baseball Team A Failure!

If you play fantasy baseball with any seriousness, then you have likely read several articles regarding tips for beginners, and others on what you should do as a fantasy baseball player. Well, going in a different direction, here are some sure fire tips to make your fantasy baseball team an absolute disaster.

Pick With Your Heart

Fantasy baseball is not like online poker rooms where you can roll the dice with just any player. Your player's have to be relevant and capable of performing. One mistake I made when I first started playing fantasy baseball was picking my favorite players and a lot of players on my favorite team. Of course, my team is the New York Yankees and this was when Don Mattingly was in his declining years. Needless to say that I got the floor wiped with my team.

Don't Keep Up With Your Team

If you want to make sure that your team will fall to the bottom of the standings in your league, fail to keep up with your team. Just let it sit there and play each game out as the other players consistently make their moves. Maybe you won't finish dead last.

Don't Follow Your Player's in the Live Games

I know this sounds silly to not follow the live games, but there are some players that for whatever reason or another fail to follow the games or fail to follow this religiously enough to keep up with their players. I made this mistake my first season when I found out two of my players were on the disabled list. I found this out about 15 days into their DL stint.

As you already know, staying on top of your team is one of the main keys to running a successful fantasy baseball team. Doing some of the above tips relegates you to gambling that you will get lucky and your team will do well. If you want to gamble, go play poker at some top real money poker sites. If you want to win at fantasy baseball, you need to put in the work.

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