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NL King - Analyzes NL Only Second Basemen Rankings

Now this is what you call a NL Only 2B Ranking! This list, in my opinion, is probably one of the strongest 2B rankings going into a season in the NL in years. Click here to get The Fantasy Man's 2B mixed league rankings.  Let's break it down....

Chase Utley - PHI - Turned 32 over the winter and is coming off his worst statistically season mainly due to missing most of the summer to a thumb injury. Since Utley is getting older he may be more of a 15 SB guy but should produce big numbers across the board. If Utley goes a bit less on draft day because of last years numbers, pounce!

Dan Uggla - ATL - Turns 31 in the Spring and signed with the Atlanta Braves for five years and big $$$. Will Uggla become complacent? I always thought of Uggla as a mistake hitter going into last season but he put everything together. It's a very short list regardless of position of any NL hitter who has put up better power numbers the last five years then Dan Uggla.

Brandon Phillips - CIN - Turns 30 during the season and last year went from the cleanup hitter to the lead off hitter. Phillips runs went up and his RBI's went down which is natural but SB's took a dip and one would think batting leadoff would create opportunities to run.

Rickie Weeks - MIL - In the prime of his career coming off his best season and just one year away from free agency. Weeks broke 130 games played last season for the first time in his career (played 160). Only had 11 steals but 29 HR's and 112 Runs scored is eye popping. It's all about health for Weeks.

Kelly Johnson - ARI - Diamondbacks got Johnson off the scrap heap after a horrible 2009. Johnson before 2009 was known as a poor man's 5-category player at a weak position. Last year was huge in HR's, R's and threw in 13 steals. Remember the ball flies in Arizona. How many times have I said that in these articles?

Juan Uribe - LAD - Coming off one of his best seasons, was a world champion and left SF to go to the Dodgers for a sweet three year deal. If Uribe is not complacent and you can live with his average (has hit .252 or less five of the last six years) gives you strong pop and qualifies at 2B, SS and 3B..... Hello roster flexibility.

Clint Barmes - HOU - It seems like Barmes either has a strong year or a poor one. 2010 was poor but a change of scenery and his multipositional eligibility at 2B and SS offer some value. Good chance Barmes slips in a lot of drafts and could be a good gamble. Houston has no farm system so no one knocking on the door.

Jose Lopez - COL - Was a solid to strong option at 2B for Seattle from 06 through 09. 2010 was not a good year for Lopez but he can easily bounce back and can play 1B, 2B or 3B (only played 3B in 2010 for Seattle). So Ian Stewart better be on high alert!

Bill Hall - HOU - If Hall can hit around .250 can give you some nice pop and maybe low double digit steals for a cheap price on draft day. Also qualifies for OF.

Martin Prado - ATL - Gives you strong average and runs and really good power especially at 2B. However with the arrival of Uggla, Prado could be a utility player for the Braves but with all the positions Prado can play and Chipper's health should get good amount of AB's. That fact could bring Prado's price down come draft day. Also qualifies at 3B.

Ty Wigginton - COL - Mentioned him in the 1B article, Wigginton much more valuable at 2B. Again position flexibility.

Ryan Theriot - STL - I know he gets some steals and is decent in runs but low average and gives you zero power. Always goes a few ticks more than he should.

Young Guns:
Neil Walker - PIT - The former top prospect finally arrived in 2010, spent six and half years in the minors. Will Walker show that 2010 was no fluke and not put too much pressure on himself?

Danny Espinosa - WAS - There is plenty of pop in that bat but if Espinosa is going to be the starting 2B and be a good roto player those K's must come way down.

EricYoung Jr - COL - Has to beat out Jose Lopez and make sure the Rockies view Ty Wigginton as a utility player. Needs a strong spring to show the Rockies he can be the every day 2B. If he wins the job has huge SB potential. Had 17 steals last year in just 172 AB's last year.

Under $10 Bin:
These guys can help your team compile numbers and if they go less than $10
Orlando Hudson
Omar Infante
Blake DeWitt
Freddie Sanchez
Skip Schumaker

Mets 2B - Luis Castillo, Daniel Murphy, Brad Emaus, Luis Hernandez & Reuben Tejada:
One of these players will be the Mets starting 2B. To quote the great John McEnroe "You Cannot Be Serious". Spring Training battle if you will.....

Down on the Farm:
There appears to be no top 2B prospects in the NL that will make an impact in 2011.

NL King - C.Lizza

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