Friday, February 18, 2011

Andrew Bilbo - Head-to-Head League Player Comparisons

Strategies are not the only difference when comparing how to compete in a head-to-head league as opposed to your common roto league. Another huge, yet often overlooked, aspect is player rankings.
Head-to-head leagues frequently use categories that are not often used in standard 5x5 roto leagues. For hitters some of these categories commonly include (but are not limited to) BB, negative scoring for K's, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, doubles, and triples. Make sure to look at the categories being used in your league before you prepare for the draft to make sure that you are properly assessing each players individual value.
To help you make use of this info lets look at some examples using stats from last season. First is the obvious comparison of Prince Fielder and Ryan Howard.

Prince Fielder: .261/32/83/94/1
Ryan Howard: 276/31/108/87/1

Using the 5x5 stats as seen above it would appear, based on stats alone, that Howard is arguably the slightly better pick. Now throw in three categories that head-to-head leagues routinely use and take a better look.

Prince Fielder: .261/32/83/94/1/114/138/.401/.471
Ryan Howard: 276/31/108/87/1/59/157/.353/.505

After adding these categories Fielder becomes more enticing than Howard. It's all about the scoring rules and settings of your league!

Now lets take a look at a different set of players.

Ryan Zimmerman: .307/25/85/85/4
David Wright: .283/29/103/87/19

In this comparison David Wright would be the player usually selected in standard roto leagues, yet when we add the head-to-head categories it becomes a little closer.

Ryan Zimmerman: .307/25/85/85/4/69/98/.388/.510
David Wright: .283/29/103/87/19/69/161/.354/.503

Zimmerman now seems a lot more comparable. However, this argument is not over. While Wright is being drafted at the back end of the first round (ADP 9.95) Zimmerman is being drafted around the mid to late 2nd round and sometimes even in the very early 3rd round (ADP 21.05). In head-to-head leagues using categories such as those listed above, I would much rather use my 1st round pick on someone other than Wright if I knew I could get Zimmerman in the late 2nd round.

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