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Norman Homers - Tackling The Fantasy Man's Pre-Season Third Base Rankings

I love Super Bowl prop bets. Full disclosure, I lost my bet on how many times Bret Favre would be mentioned during the big game. I would have lost a significant amount more if I was offered a bet on how many times Cameron Diaz would shove a handful of popcorn into A-Rod’s face on national TV. That will never get old. In case you missed it, the Packers’ Gatorade bath was orange and Christina Agulira hit the over on how long she would hold brave….too bad would she forget the lyrics (but I’m sure not many people were watching or anything).

I digress…
So at third base, get a top 6 guy or else...

The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Third Base Rankings

1. Alex Rodriguez
Norman Notes: I’m not an A-Rod hater, I think A-Rod is one of (if not the) the best players of his generation. BUT I 100% don’t endorse drafting him as the #1 third baseman or in the 1st round of a draft…in fact I don’t endorse drafting him as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th third baseman. Personally, I’d rather Bautista over A-Rod. That’s probably the biggest digression I have with the Fantasy Man’s rankings this season. As an admitted steroid user, I don’t trust his body to hold up for the full 162 (look at the precedent set by Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, etc). The guy’s so far inside his own head, he could slump for a month the next time he has a milestone to pass. Norman disagrees with ranking A-Rod the #1 third baseman. I could be wrong, but he wont be on any of my teams.

2. David Wright
Norman Notes: When you’re in trouble, you call DW!
His increasing strike out rate and decreased power outage in the cavernous Citi field scare me slightly, but you can still rely on him to produce the usual accounting stats.

3. Evan Longoria
Norman Notes: This is my clear cut #1 guy at third base. The overall talent, upside, and age is scary. He’s improved every year and he’ll improve again. I know he lost the Crawford/Pena lineup protection, but look for Desmond Jennings to step up, and how much did Carlos Pena’s sub .200 help anyway? Watch out for Manny (Man-Ram) Ramirez and Johnny Damon (he gets around the AL East) to help Longo improvement. Trust me; the guy is fantasy gold, GOLD JERRY, GOLD!

4. Ryan Zimmerman
Norman Notes: He can hit .300 with 30 homeruns, and still has more upside. Don’t pass him by.

5. Jose Bautista
Norman Notes: The guy hit 54 home runs last year, FIFTY-FREAKEN-FOUR! Call him a one year wonder, call him Brady Anderson, crikey call him Chumbumbua if you want. But I call him a lock for 35 home runs in 2011, and at third base, that dwarfs the competition in a similar manner to how Kaite Holmes dwarfs Tom Cruise.
6. Kevin Youkilis
Norman Notes: May take some time to gain eligibility at 3B. He’s good and that lineup is better. Could be in line for a monster year.

7. Aramis Ramirez
Norman Notes: He’s one of my favorite sleepers. You usually see him ranked much lower, so props to the Fantasy Man for having him this high. If you do wait for third base, then grab Aramis. On a side note, I personally watched Aramis hit 3 home runs in a game last year leading the Cubs to a 14-7 comeback win vs. the Astros.

8. Pedro Alvarez
Norman Notes: Super hyped sleeper

9. Adrian Beltre
Norman Notes: I don’t know what to expect, but I don’t buy the post contract slump talk. Last time it was in Seattle’s pitcher friendly Safeco Field, this time he’ll be playing in hitter friendly Ranger’s Ballpark in Arlington with a much better lineup.

10. Mark Reynolds
Norman Notes: Mark Reynolds is my most hated player. The guy is fantasy cancer. Rumor has it that Mark Reynolds got confused by the Cash for Clunkers offer and though his batting average was eligible. Norman Avoid Stamp in full effect.

11. Michael Young
Norman Notes: Depends where he lands, but historically I like Young’s career batting average and multi-position eligibility.

12. Pablo Sandoval
Norman Notes: The Kung-Fu Panda reminds me of a fantasy football forecast I once read for LenDale White, it read something like, “If he doesn’t get his diet in check, he’ll eat himself out of the league.” Sandoval either needs to go on Biggest Loser or try White’s Tequila Diet (patent pending).

13. Casey Mcgehee
14. Chris Johnson
Norman Notes: If I don’t land a top 5 guy, this is my favorite late round third base sleeper. He hit .308 with 11 homers in only 341 at-bats as a rookie. Plenty of upside, but the downside is that he plays for Houston.

15. Dayan Viciedo
16. Ian Stewart
17. Scott Rolen
18. Chase Headley
19. Danny Valencia
20. Jose Lopez
Norman Notes: He sucks (click here for further explanation)

21. Jhonny Peralta
22. David Freeze
Norman Notes: Freeze is a huge sleeper for me. When he’s not busy plotting crime against Gotham City, he’ll be batting behind Matt Holiday, Albert Pujols, and Lance Berkman. Its hard not to get behind that.

23. Placido Polanco
24. Jorge Cantu
25. Edwin Encarnacion
26. Chipper Jones
Norman Notes: If you have DL spots, why not…The guy knows how to hit

27. Kevin Kouzmanoff
28. Brandon Inge
29. Casey Blake
30.. Miguel Tejada
31. Alberto Callaspo
32. Mike Moustakas

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