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Norman Homers: Tackling the Fantasy Man’s 2011 Pre-Season First Base Rankings

First base in fantasy baseball is deep this year. Grand canyon deep… Not Hoover Dam deep, that was built by the pilgrims... but you get the idea. It’s your best bet to pad the power numbers in your roster. Chicks dig the longball? Correction, chicks and I, dig the longball.

My “winning strategy” is filling that corner spot with a 30+ homerun hitter. In my opinion, 8 players have a better than decent shot at 35+ homeruns (the elite eight), and 2-3 more have a shot at 30. When a position is that deep, and you have choices, and that means wait. Trust me, I understand economics; I’ve seen A Beautiful Mind…twice.
What I’ll be doing on draft day is aiming to first fill a scarce position (yes, I’m one of those freaks that would draft Hanley Ramirez over Albert Pujols with my first pick). It is my contention that your best bet is filling a shallow position (SS, 3B) and then filling first base with one of the elite 8 (see below).

At Mock Draft Central, Ryan Howard is being drafted 16.6, Prince Fielder - 22.6, Kevin Youkilis - 30.7, Adam Dunn - 50.8, and Kendry Morales - 60.11. Those are some of the guys I’m targeting to combine with my early picks.

Norman Notes: DON'T draft a guy with multiple eligibility that includes first base (i.e K.Youkilis (3B), B.Posey (C ) to use them at 1B. They are more valuable at the other position and you can draft another useful first baseman later in the draft.

1. Albert Pujols
2. Joey Votto
3. Miguel Cabrera
Norman Notes: I can’t argue with those three. Take them early and reap their bountiful rewards.

4. Prince Fielder
5. Ryan Howard
6. Adrian Gonzalez
7. Mark Teixeira
8. Justin Morneau
Norman Notes: That’s the elite 8 folks. All these guys have 30+ homerun talent.

9. Kendry Morales
Norman Notes: This was my reaction when I found out Kendry broke his leg. I agree...maybe an over reaction. I like Kendry to bounce back fully (from the dumbest injury in the history of baseball) and could easily out perform his draft position.

10. Kevin Youkilis
11. Adam Dunn
12. Victor Martinez
13. Billy Butler
Norman Notes: The average is there, the power POTENTIAL is there. Just do it already! I think it's an excellent blue duck. Congratulations Billy, you just passed the first grade. Now can you pass as elite first baseman?

14. Paul Konerko
15. Derek Lee
16. Ike Davis
17. Carlos Pena
Norman Notes: Pena’s power is nice but he’s got a Titanic size hole in his skill set. 0.196 is just pathetic.

18. Aubrey Huff
19. Mike Cuddyer
20. Gaby Sanchez
21. Adam Lind
Norman Notes: Lind is my Lebron James and I’m Cleveland. I was all-in last year and he not only screwed me, he broke my heart on national TV. He has to bounce back slightly, but he wont be on any of my teams this year.

22. James Loney
23. Garrett Jones
24. Adam LaRoche
25. Mike Napoli
26. Matt LaPorta
27. Mitch Moreland
28. Brett Wallace
Norman Notes: This is the sleeper stretch of the rankings. Keep on eye on LaPorta, Moreland, and Wallace. One of those 3 will be a top 12 guy next year.

29. Freddie Freeman
30. Daric Barton
31. Todd Helton
32. Xavier Nady
33. Kila Ka'aihue
Norman Notes: (English pronunciation: /kiːlə kəʔaɪhuːeɪ/).

34. Chris Carter
35. Lance Berkman
Norman Notes:
Now batting in front of Pujols and Holiday! Back to the NL. Majorly deep sleeper that could be great if he stays healthy. Berkman should be drafted much higher than the 35th first baseman.

36. Ty Wigginton

Myself, the city of Seattle, Cliff Lee, and John Locke all wonder why Justin Smoak doesn’t crack this list? The Smoak Monster has post hype sleeper tattooed on his forehead. Deep mixed league consideration.

Next up reviewing The Fantasy Man’s Second Base Rankings…

Your friend,
Norman Homers

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