Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Norman Homers - Tackling The Fantasy Man's 2011 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Rankings

Second base is a top heavy position. Not shallow, but very top heavy. There are 12 about guys I would feel comfortable starting in a mixed league. I’d rather have one of the top 5, because there is a significant drop in power after Ian Kinsler/Dan Uggla go off the board. But don’t panic if you’re forced to draft from the bottom of this barrel. We’ll make sure to get you a stool so you can reach for Pedroia.
1. Robinson Cano
2. Chase Utley
Norman Notes: The elites really look down on the rest of the field this year. That’s not just a short joke at Pedroia’s expense. Be wary of Chase Utley. He’s not getting any younger and his power numbers are declining. I would think twice about using a first or second round pick on him.

3. Dustin Pedroia
Norman Notes: Sorry Dusty, you have to be at least 5’6 to enter the top tier 2B (ok, now that was a short joke).

4. Ian Kinsler
Norman Notes: I’d hate to risk an early pick on Kinsler staying healthy. The guy has legitimate power ability, but has missed an average of 39 games/season over the last 5.

5. Dan Uggla
Norman Notes: I love his move to Atlanta. He’s the guy I’m targeting in all leagues. He’s a near lock for 30 homeruns (Last 5: 27, 31, 32, 31, 33). Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall for a Real Housewife of Atlanta.

6. Brandon Phillips
7. Brian Roberts
Norman Notes: Can he bounce back to 2009 form? My guess is he can. He’s been a defender of healthy from 2004-2009. I think 2010 was a fluke and he could be a major bounceback candidate.

8. Rickie Weeks
Norman Notes: The ultimate gamble, huge power upside but consistent history of injuries. Might as well throw $100 on red if you draft him.

9. Martin Prado
Norman Notes: His .300+ batting average is sitting by the bar batting its eyelashes at me. You can’t help but buy it a drink and see what happens. Plus, multiple position eligibility with Uggla moving to town.

10. Gordon Beckham
Norman Notes: Post hype sleeper. He has the ability to be hit .285 with 15 homeruns. Who wouldn’t want that from 2B? On the downside, if he slumps again, it could get ugly quick. (Like this ugly)

11. Ben Zobrist
12.Aaron Hill
13. Chone Figgins
Norman Notes: I don’t like Figgins this year and its more reasons that how he spells his name. Lack of effort, epically bad surrounding offense, declining BA, are all reasons I don’t want Chone. The only upside is he will probably snag 40 bases this year.

14. Howie Kendrick
15. Kelly Johnson
16. Eric Young Jr
17. Neil Walker
18. Sean Rodriquez
Norman Notes: SeanRod could really excel if he wins the job in Tampa Bay. 20 homerun potential.

19. Jed Lowrie
20. Freddie Sanchez
21. Danny Espinoza
22. Dustin Ackley
23. Mike Aviles
Norman Notes: Aviles is my target in deep leagues if I miss on the elites. In the word of TJ Lavin, “he killed it” down the stretch for fantasy owners.

24. Omar Infante
25. Orlando Hudson
26. Jose Lopez
Norman Notes: I couldn’t disagree more that Lopez is a sleeper. Rumor has it that his .239 batting average last year killed so many teams; Dexter is now hunting him down.

27. Ryan Theriot
28. Jeff Keppinger
29. Blake DeWitt
30. Luis Castillo

Norman, the city of Minnesota, The Chiba Lotte Marines, and 127 million residents of Japan wonder where Tsuyoshi Nishioka fits into the Fantasy Man’s rankings. With the recent Minnesota Twins signing of shortstop Alexi Casilla, that leaves newly acquired Japanese star Tsuyoshi Nishioka to play 2B. Nishioka is a career .293 hitter in Japan with base stealing prowess. He’s slated to bat second behind Denard Span. He’s a great wildcard option in AL only leagues or deep mixed. He could finish as a top 10 at his position batting in front of sluggers Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.

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