Monday, March 28, 2011

Head-to-Head League Player Comparison - Juan Pierre vs Brett Gardner

Fantasy baseball strategies are plentiful and deciding how to draft for speed is an essential part of your draft plan.  Needed speed late in drafts the past few years? If you have, I bet you turned to Juan Pierre. Pierre is a guy I have fallen back on many times throughout the years in both roto and H2H leagues when I have failed to get enough base stealers early. If you go for power in the first few rounds you can easily find yourself locked out for the players who are great power/speed combos.

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Juan Pierre 2010: .275/1/47/96/68

He's not going to help you in the homerun department. He's also not going to help you by batting in many runs. However, he is going to steal a lot of bases while doing pretty getting runs. Pierre is also a career .298 hitter, so he's usually going to help you in batting average. With an ADP at 133.31 over at Mock Draft Central he is affordable if you need him.

Brett Gardner 2010: .277/5/47/97/47

Gardner had 174 less at bats than Pierre, yet he was still able to match Pierre's run total and steal enough bases to be highly valuable in that category. Last season was Gardner's first season to get significant playing time, so you would have to assume he is a player who is only going to get better. His ADP being 186.27, Gardner is an exceptional value. All this being said, I would still rather have Pierre in a standard 5x5 roto league based on the stat lines shown above as Pierre's long track record of steals make him a must get for fantasy teams in need of speed.
Juan Pierre 2010: .275/1/47/96/68/45/47/.341/.316/.657
Brett Gardner 2010: .277/5/47/97/47/79/101/.383/.379/.762

Now Gardner's ability to get on base really starts to reshape the argument. Depending on the extra categories your H2H league employs, Gardner can take on significantly more value. The strikeout category is the only new category that helps Pierre. If your league uses OPS you can definitely see the additional value with Gardner at .762 and Pierre at .657! If I am desperate for speed in this years H2H drafts I am zeroing in on Gardner.

There are some variables that really need to be taken into account with these players. The first is that you must remember the lineup Gardner is playing in. If it wasn't for all of the big bats in that lineup Gardner would possibly even steal more bases. Also keep in mind that if Gardner is moved to the top of the lineup, which is very possible, his OBP could help him put up monster numbers over an entire season. Gardner is speedster who is on the rise.

Andrew Bilbo

Check out The Fantasy Man's new APP for Android!!! Search for "Fantasy Baseball Express"

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