Thursday, March 17, 2011

National League East Questions

Some times the best fantasy baseball advice comes in the form of a question, and not necessaryily the answer. Eevery team has question marks with certain players whether it's injuries, line up concerns, ballpark dimensions, or comeback years to name a few. Below we'll separate the National League into it's three divisions, each in a separate post and simply point out the question marks. Feel free to respond in the comments sections with your thoughts on any of these issues. At Fantasy Baseball Express, we believe that the best advice doesn't come from "experts", it comes from you, the people who play fantasy baseball on a daily basis, year after year.....

Atlanta Braves:

- Will Nate McLouth resurrect his career or is he done?
- Does Jason Heyward become a $30 player this year?
- Who wins the 5th SP slot - Mike Minor or Brandon Beachy?
- Can Chipper be relatively healthy for 130 games?
- Will the kids be alright closing in Craig Kimbrel and Johnny Venters?

Florida Marlins:
- Will Mike Stanton be a $30 player this year?
- Will Matt Dominguez be a steady 3B player?
- Can Rickey Nolasco become a #2 starter?
- Can Javier Vazquez bounce back and be a #3 starter?
- Who is the closer, Nunez, Webb, Hensley or someone else?

New York Mets:
- Does Jose Reyes have a monster year?
- Is Carlos Beltran healthy?
- Will Jason Bay be okay in Citi Field?
- Can Angel Pagan repeat his 2010?
- Can Mike Pelfrey be consistent?
- Is RA Dickey the real deal?
- Will anyone out of Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes or K-Rod be on the Mets come Aug 1st?

Philadelphia Phillies:
- Is Chase Utley's knee going to be a problem?
- Do we see Dominic Brown in Philly before Mid May?
- Is Rollins days of being a $30 player over?
- Can Lidge have back to back good years?

Washington Nationals
- Will Jayson Werth put too much pressure on himself because of the contract?
- Who gets the majority of AB's between Nyjer Morgan, Rick Ankiel, Mike Morse and Roger Bernadina?
- Do Desmond and Espinosa have strong years?
- Does Jordan Zimmerman break through?
- How does Drew Storen handle the closers role?

NL King - C.Lizza

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