Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Norman Homers Fantasy Baseball Roto Drafting 101

How can you win a fantasy baseball roto league? Fill your roster with some (or as many as possible) of these hyper consistent players.

That’s my strategy in Roto leagues. You don’t need your guys to be consistent on a daily/weekly basis like you do in head to head leagues, you just need them to fill the stat box… in the words of the great Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson, “They can put in on the board! YES!”

Heres a list of guys I’ll be targeting to fill my roto league rosters this season.

C Victor Martinez
The guy is a professional hitter. Since he’ll be playing DH for the Tigers, he should stay healthy and put up his career average numbers of .300 BA with 20+ homeruns.

1B Mark Teixeira
Starts slow, but ultimately knows how to fill out his stats. Look forward to a .290 BA and 30 homeruns batiing in the Yankees power lineup.

2B Dan Uggla
30 homeruns from second base? Check please…

3B Kevin Youkilis
Technically not a third basemen yet, but should be after about a week of games. Could easily finish as a top 5 at the position. 25+ homeruns and a .300 BA in the bank.

SS Derek Jeter
Let other people overpay for shortstops (Tulo and Hanley) and take Jeter. He’s getting older but the guy can still hit. Last year had one of the worst years of his career and still hit .270 with 10HR. That’s his basement, look for bigger numbers in 2011.

OF Matt Holliday
One of the most consistent hitters in baseball but still not a top 5 outfielder in 2011?. Pass on the less consistent top tier and take the consistency of Matt Holliday.

OF Ichiro Suzuki
Lots of critics are bashing Ichiro. I’ll be taking advantage of that criticism and getting the most consistent player of the decade. Seattle’s offense was horrible so that killed his accounting stats, but you cant overlook his .315+ BA and 30 SB talent.

OF Hunter Pence
2008? 25 homeruns, .269 BA
2009? 25 homeruns, .282 BA
2010? 25 homeruns, .282 BA
2011? The most unsexy lock for 25 homeruns and a .275+ BA.

OF Michael Bourn
In a roto league, you need a stolen base guy. 41, 61, 52 in his last 3 seasons. Take Bourn and his 40+ SB’s to get fill the category.

OF Aubrey Huff
2008: 32 HRs
2009: 30 HRs
2010: 26 HRs
Huff is a consistent 25+ homerun OF flying under the radar in an improving SF offense.

OF Adam Jones
Jones has yet to put it all together, but still managed 19 homeruns in 2009 and 2010. Tons of upside and little downside from this yet to “get-it” outfielder. Scary upside if everything clicks.

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