Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buy Low National League Central Players

Chicago Cubs:

Carlos Pena - Off to a slow start which makes you worried especially after his 2010 season. Battling a thumb injury does not help. Might not be until that thumb gets better before he breaks out. That's if he breaks out of course. Buy low for pennies right now and hope you get him before a hot streak.

Ryan Dempster - Last 3 seasons has been a solid pitcher be patient. the Cubs aren't getting much hype right now so anyone can be had pretty easily.

Matt Garza - If he can do what he did in the AL East he should do better in the NL Central. Probably trying to hard being on a new team. He is a battler so be patient. It's possible he ends up on the wiaver wire if he doesn't get his act together which could mean great value for yourself.

Cincinnati Reds:
Edinson Volzquez - Too many walks and too many home runs allowed. Love the K's. remember, he's coming back from major surgery it takes time, there will be bumps in the road. Buy low.

Houston Astros:
Chris Johnson - I am not saying to be worried, could be just a slow start but 2011 we will find out if Chris Johnson is an everyday player.

Wandy Rodriguez - Keep in mind got off to a slow start last year and still had his usually good year. Pitched a gem against the Mets the other night although doesn't everyone?

Milwaukee Brewers:
Yuniesky Betancourt - Hitting towards the bottom of the Brewer lineup he will not have nowhere near the stats he had with the Royals last season. You can get him for beef nuggets but you'll be better off passing.

Carlos Gomez - Had a great spring but not a great start. He's been on fire but could be an easy buy from someone who thinks he's selling high. Gomez has 5 tool ability, he's still young, great size and speed and a great player to take a flyer on. Plus, he's batting in front of Ryan Braun.... HELLOOOOO!

John Axford - Has been shaky and has had control issues which plagued him in the minors. If the Brewers had a Luke Gregerson or Mike Adams, Axford would be in big trouble but fortunately for Axford owners they don't. He'll come around. Grab cheap from a panicked manager.

Yovani Gallardo - Very inconsistent. Is he ever going to reach his potential? Buy low to find out!

Pittsburgh Pirates:
Pedro Alvarez - Talented kid off to a slow start. Remember HR's come in bunches.

St.Louis Cardinals:
Eduardo Sanchez - Ask for as a throw in just in case Mitchell Boggs implodes.

Jake Westbrook - With his stuff has to be close to pin point otherwise he is going to get hit. That's what's going on so far. But, can be a serviceable starting pitcher on the back end of your fantasy roster.

NL King - C.Lizza

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