Friday, April 22, 2011

Buy Low National League East Players

Atlanta Braves:
Nate McLouth - Since becoming a Brave in 2009, McLouth has struggled mightily. In 2010, McLouth nursed injuries and was even sent back down to the minors. He did have a good spring and Freddi Gonzalez is staying behind him batting McLouth in the #2 hole. He is a total wild card so if he works out for you great, but don't count on him.
Dan Uggla - He will be fine, not sure if he will duplicate his 2010 production from a batting average stand point but Uggla at the end of the season will give you big power numbers at the 2B position. Keep in mind he is probably pressing because he is on a new team and has a new fat contract.  Buy low from an impatient manager and play up the fat contract and new surroundings.

Brandon Beachy - Had an unbelievable spring, strong first start and has gone 6 innings in 4 of his 5 starts. He also has 31K in 29 IP. Obviously great K potential. You'll likely encounter a manager trying to sell high, so play the unproven card and knock that price down.

Florida Marlins:
Hanley Ramirez - He is one of the best fantasy players in the game he will be fine. Don't panic, it's April. In June, panic.

Mike Stanton - The hamstring issue slowed Stanton out of the gates but he's been heating up the past couple of days. If you want to strike, right now is the time. Stanton's value is about to skyrocket! Ever see this guy his a HR in real life or on TV? Awesome.

Anibal Sanchez - Was healthy last year and gave owners a solid year. Off to a rough start, has the talent to be a solid SP in NL only leagues. He's a buy low because he's on no one's radar.

Javier Vazquez - His velocity is way down and he looks worse than last year which was bad, I can tell you that as a Yankee fan. He's a crapshoot but if you take a chance, he can produce top of the rotation stats heading later into the second half. Just give him time to work out some kinks. He obviously has the talent.

Chris Volstad - Even when he is going well he is a low K and a bit of a high ratio guy. Stay away.

New York Mets:
Angel Pagan - Off to a slow start, I wouldn't worry yet, Pagan has been an excellent performer the last year and half..... but he's on the DL. Value just dropped, go get him and stash.

Mike Pelfrey - Since the end of May last year the league has adjusted to Pelfrey and since then for the most part it has not been pretty. Pelfrey looks like he has no confidence as well. Again, when Pelfrey is going well he is a low K guy to boot. I be worried. If you're a believer, you can get him for beef nuggets.

Jonathan Niese - Young pitcher with growing pains I am not sure due to his ratio (remember last year it was 1.46) Niese will be a positive player in 2011 and he has high K potential.

Philadelphia Phillies:
Joe Blanton - Probably the only Phillie not doing well, has gotten hammered so far this season. Blanton flip flops between solid seasons and disappointing one's with the odd years being solid. So far that is not the case. More beef nuggets.

Washington Nationals:
Michael Morse - Youngster off to a bad start and you hate to see that because then it gets into their heads and it can get ugly fast. But, Riggleman believes so I believe. I have a feeling he's about to get hot!.

Jason Werth - He will be fine again like Uggla, just trying to do too much on a new team and with too much money.

NL King - C.Lizza

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