Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buy Low National League West Players

Ian Kennedy - Off to an inconsistent start, I am not in love with any starting pitcher in that ballpark and Arizona looks like a real bad team. Kennedy pitched a gem earlier this week but the start before that, he gave up 9 ER. Get Kennedy on a hot streak and he's as good as anybody.

Carlos Gonzalez - If you ask Cargo, Cargo his struggling. A red hot streak is right around the corner Cargo owners, be patient. It's tough to say buy low but lets say that right now may be the lowest point as he's batting .214 with 1 HR. Maybe you suddenly get a manager who decides that Cargo was a fluke last year, so it's then up to you to take advantage of that situation. The best thing that can happen is that Cargo struggles for another week or two and hope trade demands get lesser.

Ian Stewart - After a slow start also due to a nagging injury was sent to the minors to get his game together. Stewart is currently raking in AAA. He's obviously too good for the minors and maybe a shake up like this helps Stewart get his act together. His price has never been lower. Beef nuggets.

Ubaldo Jimenez
- Everyone take a breath, his first start he was bothered by the cut on his cuticle and after taking 2 weeks off to get that cut healed Jimenez had a rusty 1st inning against the Giants and then was strong. Colorado is going to be a strong team and Jimenez will have a big year. Take advantage of a manager who is panicking.

Los Angeles:
James Loney - He is a mediocre player he will never become a front line player. However, he will boost up his BA, score runs and get RBI's. Look at his yearly stats and buy low with confidence.

Juan Uribe - Will wind up doing his thing low average, good pop and roster flexibility. Juan Uribe is not a guy you give up on this early. He's always been more a second half guy anyway.

Jonathan Broxton - Has a win and 5 saves but almost every outing has been an adventure. But with Kuo battling injuries and Jansen serving batting practice it's Broxton's job for a while. His metrics are currently terrible but he'll straighten out. He's easy to obtain.

San Diego:
Brad Hawpe - Brutal start to the season. I am an owner of Hawpe and I am officially worried.  Can't sell low but maybe you can find a believer in another manager who has owned Hawpe in the past. So if you're that guy, then you can buy super low.

Will Venable - Has 8 steals but has been brutal at the plate. Keep in mind even though had a decent 2010 season where he hit .242. Nobody is talking about Venable and he has a tendency to get super streaky.

Matt Latos - As long as he is healthy he will have a strong season.  The DL stint lowered his price a bit.

San Francisco:
Brandon Belt - With Cody Ross being activated Belt heads back to AAA. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back with SF by mid June. In keeper leagues, might be easier to get him now.

Miguel Tejada - Off to a slow start but even being in his late 30's should give you decent numbers at the shortstop position. In NL Only leagues, could be super easy to obtain. Buy for beef nuggets.

NL King - C.Lizza

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