Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chase Utley Fantasy Baseball Update

I listened to an interview with baseball insider Jon Heyman this morning on local radio station WFAN here in New York. He gave an update on Chase Utley and it's not good. Heyman conveyed that he spoke to Jimmy Rollins during spring training to get some insight on what's going on with Utley and Rollins told Heyman "It's not good, he is basically doing everything he can to avoid surgery." Utley, according to Heyman, has bone inflammation and patellar tendinitis in his knee. Basically, Utley cannot move right now. Heyman seemed to feel while it was an educated guess, we are talking at least a half season but also said all his information is pretty bad news on Utley's knee situation. This is very sobering news for Utley owners.

Obviously, you should monitor this situation and stay on top of the news.  Go online and search for the local Philadelphia newspapers as those are really the best source of information.  Philly.com - The Inquirer seems like the most prominent. I wouldn't panic as most of know about this situiation already. If you are keeper leagues, obviously you want to either keep Utley or trade him later in the season once news gets better. In non-keeper leagues, I'd stash Utley for now and take a wait-and-see approach.
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