Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exercising Fantasy Baseball Patience

I hope everyone is enjoying the early part of the baseball season. In talking to friends in my NL Only league, I already hear the angst, the frustration, the pulling out the hair over the phone etc. My message is very clear everyone... relax and most of all, be patient. Some teams will get off to fast starts and some slow one's. Remember the baseball season is a marathon not a sprint.. The key question is when you walked out of your draft did you feel you had a great team?  If yes, then exercise some patience.  The first half of April is nothing in the grand scheme of things in a traditional roto league (head to head might be a different animal and not my area of expertise). If the answer was no, you've got work to do. Any team, no matter how bad it seems, can certainly pull out of the gutter. there's still plenty of time.

When an owner is impatient, many times, bad decisions are made. You might put a good pitcher to your reserve squad because he is off to a slow start or even worse you might make an awful trade and trade a very good player who is in early April slump and then that player goes off for his new owner. I am not saying you shouldn't make a trade in early April, just as long as it's a smart trade and helps your team in area of need. What I have seen over the years is an owner gives up on a player way too early and they wind up regretting it big time. Don't be that owner.

Final thing to remember is it's suppose to be difficult to win your league. If it's an easy go every year in your league in terms of your success you probably should be in a more competitive league. The NL Only league I am in is very difficult. I am in with 11 other guys who are very dedicated to their teams and there are no secrets and there are no sleepers. Someone has to be a very deep deep sleeper to be a sleeper in my league. But like I've said, that makes success that much enjoyable. Germaine Greer said "The struggle that is not joyous is the wrong struggle." Point being it's a long season and there will be ups and downs. The key is to be patient and enjoy your league, that's why all of us do these leagues. Remember to have a championship team is very hard, you need your pitching and hitting to come together in a big way. You need to avoid injuries as much as you can and really stay away from a big injury to a big player and you need for players not to have fall off the reservations kind of years (think of Nate McLouth or Russell Martin over the last couple of years). Also it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of luck and have a player or two give you his career year in 2011. But just do me a favor remember three things, be patient, be patient and be patient.

Enjoy !

NL King - C.Lizza

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