Monday, April 04, 2011

Fantasy Baseball Advice - Dealing with the Ups and Downs of April

A fantastic way to improve your fantasy baseball team is to take advantage of a player who gets off to a hot start and is "playing way over his head". For instance, last year Brad Penny was on fire in April, he was 3-1 with a 1.56 ERA. Some fantasy team managers might feel Penny is going to have a huge year, but, the smart and savvy owner would say Brad Penny is off to a ridiculous start and is an injury prone guy. Even in his best years, Penny was a $15 or less NL only pitcher. So the savvy owner says stranger things have happened but this is not going to last with Penny. At the same time, any time a player of yours is doing well, his trade value increases. Many times you don't have to sell the player as the other owner looks at that particular players stats and says wow Brad Penny is doing well, maybe he can help solve my starting pitching shortage. By the way, last year Brad Penny had 4 more starts in May, one was excellent the others were awful and then got hurt and was done for the year.

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Also, when a good player is struggling, sometimes it brings the players value down. If Player X is a $20 player and had a poor April, as long as he's healthy and and he's proven, you might be able to get that player for as much as a 50% discount. The best scenario is the other owner is frustrated and disgusted with that player and quite frankly is lacking patience. Don't fall into that trap, you must be patient..... unless you're on the receiving end of that discounted player!

The moral of these stories is you can take advantage of a so-so players hot April or a very good players poor April.

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