Monday, April 18, 2011

Fantasy Baseball April Waiver Wire Gems

Everyday like clockwork I wake up to my Paulie D Jersey Shore Alarm rintone "Oh Yeah, Wake Up Yeah!", I brush my teeth, take a shower, skip breakfast, drive to work, settle in, and before I check email, I'm scouring the waiver wire! I'm just livin' the dream!

Milton Bradley, OF, SEA - Why does this guy get no love? I mean he's available in like 98% of leagues. Well, truth is, he has been way overrated the last few seasons and now hits third on one of the worst offensive teams in baseball in Seattle. Still, he's proven in the past that he can hit for average, hit HR and steal bases. At this point he's serviceable but he can also get super hot for a week or two. Since you're most likely dealing with injuries, you can do a lot worse than Bradley. In my opinion, he's serviceable enough with potential to spark at anytime hitting in the heart of any lineup.

Mike Morse, OF, WAS - Morse is finding his way onto waiver wires quickly. He's must be on the same train as Kila Ka'aihue. Anyway, Morse really does possess the power and I think because he was so hot, he's just pressing to much at the plate. Manager Jim Riggleman has super confidence in Morse and for anyone to think Morse will play into a platoon is an idiot! The Nats traded Nyjer Morgan and the run Rick Ankiel out in centerfield along with Roger Bernadina. So who is going to steal Morse's spot? Exactly, no one. This guy has mega power and has been a little bit of a late bloomer. Pick up this guy and stash until he hits one.

Kila Ka'aihue, 1B, OF - Let me just say, I'm still a believer. Same deal as Morse. He's was a super sleeper, we all got excited when he hit the walk off on opening day, and he hasn't done much since. This is his first real chance to play full-time at the start of the season. He's most likely pressing hard. He has the power an an excellent batting eye with OBP potential. He's a strikeout machine as well but you just can't ignore his power. At this point I'd bench until he gets hot, which I believe he will. If he's available off the waiver wire, why not take a shot and stash?

Brandon Webb, SP, TEX - At some point this guy is going to come back and at least be serviceable for your fantasy team. I actually drafted Webb in a league, traded him for Matt Thorton before opening day (Obviously a bad trade currently), the other manager then just dropped Webb yesterday.... So I picked him back up and once he starts, I'll trade him to someone else!  I love this job!

Bartolo Colon, SP/RP, NYY - With Phil Hughes out on the DL with a dead arm, it looks like Colon will get the start this week vs. Toronto. Colon looked great all spring and dominated in a relief effort against the awesome Red Sox last week.  He's got consistent 92-93 on his fastball with nasty movement and his command is insane. I won't say he'll be lights out but if you need a bottle of pick-me-up, Colon should deliver 5-6 solid innings on Wednesday.

Jarrod Dyson, OF, KC - This guy has 5 AB and 5 SB!!! He was 0-5 this weekend with 3K and 3 BB but he had a couple of SB's from pinch running duty. Manager Ned Yost said they want to give Dyson some starts in the near future to utilize his speed. He can hit for average and obviously walk, steal bases and score runs. Dyson is a guy to grab now while no one is paying attention if you have room to stash. If he figures out how to hit in the majors while he's developing, he can be nasty!

Hank Conger, C, LAA - Conger hit his second HR of the year this weekend and is hitting .285 in 21 AB as a back up to Jeff Mathis. Conger has the higher offensive ceiling of the two so I wouldn't be surprised if Conger takes over the job full-time by mid season. Still in a deep league, you can probably roll with Conger as your #2 with potential to become #1. Keep an eye on this situation but if you're looking to find value deep off the waiver wire, look here at a weak position.

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